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efergy engage, an App to Control Electric Consumption

efergy engage for iPhone

Currently, the energy consumption of a home is something that worries us many. The quality of the devices we have installed at home is not always adequate and sometimes its consumption skyrockets. The rates of the electric networks are in the clouds and there are no signs that they will go down.We need to control what our house consumes and see where we can save, energetically and economically.

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Effergy Engage is an iPhone application with which you can control, completely remotely, the electrical consumption of your home. Today thanks to the new generation appliances and led bulbs you can get to save a good amount of euros in our monthly rate. How to control it ?, simply from your iPhone. Keep reading and we tell you how it works.

Control the energy consumption of your home and save every month on the electricity bill

Effergy Engage is an application that works with a device that you must have installed at home, something simple but required. Thanks to this "hub" you will be able to control the energy consumption of your home from your iPhone wherever you are. Create a new account by registering and synchronize your hub with it to control your spending. It is very simple and you can save a lot of money month by month by reducing your electrical consumption.

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Energy consumption is something that should concern us and its expenditure on the household economy is very important. Thanks to this fantastic application and its hardware component, You can control the consumption you have accumulated in your home. Check the exact consumption of KWh in real time and mark your goal to avoid passing. You can also read the information in 6 different languages, Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German and Portuguese.

Start monitoring your consumption and save every month on your electricity bill. The application is available for free and you will only have to purchase the “hub” to be able to put it into operation. Enjoy the visual interface of the application and adds some practical widgets. In addition the application save light on the screen of your iPhone, every day at 21 hours enter night mode. What are you waiting for to start saving money?

Download efergy engage for iPhone