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Discover which Google Play apps you subscribed as beta

With the emergence of beta applications accessible by anyone the Google Play He opened a handy tap for developers as it allows them to test their work in a universal and controlled way. And not only is it good for app creators, but also for those who install them since with the betas we tried them ahead of time. So much that we can forget how many we have subscribed.

I am the prototype of compulsory application installed. First for my work, second because I love trying new software. And I have subscribed to so many applications in beta that I no longer know which ones are updated in tests and which ones are stable. Does the same thing happen to you? Well, let's see how to discover all those beta apps.

Access the Google Play section with all your applications under test

Discover which Google Play apps you subscribed as beta

Google enabled the ability to upload non-complete applications so that end users could test them without any complications. As with "normal" apps, we can download the betas by accessing the same tab in the Play Store. Of course, you have to sign up for the testing process using the form found at the bottom of the file.

The beta subscription process is simple. And there are many important applications that test your future updates, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, a large part of Google Apps… We do not recommend its installation as they may always have problems; even if they are the best way to try news that nobody has yet.

How to know what applications did you subscribe to in beta? Do the following process:

  • Access the Google Play Store of your Android mobile.
  • Display the side menu and click on «My applications and games«.
  • Scroll to scroll to the rightmost tab of all, the one that says «BETA«.
  • There you will see the list with all your apps in tests. Clicking on any of them you will access its tab in the Google Play Store with the possibility of exiting the beta (descends to the bottom of the tab).

The process is simple, both to enter the betas and to leave them. Of course, keep in mind that they are limited in users, so, If you get out, you may not be able to enter. Rate it before abandoning a test application.