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Concept One: Cmo OnePlus us race car technology to improve the camera of your smartphone

Thanks to the use of electrochromic glass, the cameras are hidden on the back of the OnePlus Concept One Credit: AndroidCentral Courtesy

Within the framework of the
CES 2020 which is being developed in Las Vegas until Friday 10, the cell phone manufacturer
Oneplus (part of the BBK conglomerate, which includes other brands such as Oppo, Vivo and Realme) showed a special version of a
OnePlus 7T Pro, made in collaboration with the car manufacturer McLaren.

Strictly speaking, there is already a McLaren edition of the OnePlus 7T Pro, but now it goes one step further with the
OnePlus Concept One.

The novelty of the phone is on the back, where you can see the ocher leather added by McLaren; in the middle are the rear cameras. But thanks to the use of a cover
electrochromic glass, the cameras are invisible when not in use. When the camera application is loaded, that glass becomes transparent.

Electrochromic glass is what McLaren uses on the roof of his 720S sports car,
they notice in AndroidCentral, and it takes a little more than half a second to go from opaque to transparent, so it doesn't interfere with the operation of the camera. It is also used in the windows of a Boeing 787,
Remember in OnePlus.

The good news is that the aggregate is not only static: the camera can control the level of opacity of the electrochromic glass, to use it as a neutral density filter in situations with a lot of light, which allows more options for opening diaphragm and speed at the moment of capturing an image with a lot of sun.

For now it is only a prototype, and there are no promises from OnePlus when it comes to this technology to another model of the company.


Concept One: How OnePlus used race car technology to improve the camera on your smartphone – LA NACION