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Complement the FIFA20 with the Futbin application for Android

However, currently games like the last one, FIFA 20, have nothing to do with what were the first games in the beginning. Now the graphic quality It is infinitely superior, and the options we have in the game are almost unlimited, or at least, the same as if we were the President of our own football club, With all of that implies.

Futbin It is a very useful application that helps us a lot of life when playing FIFA, since complements to perfection the game and you can help us in many aspects thanks to the huge list of options and tools available to you. Being such a long app, it can be a bit difficult to understand at first, and that's why we explain from Android Help how to use the app, Y what is it for Each of your mens and tools. You may to download the application from the following link, it's totally free:

FUT 20 Draft, Squad Builder & SBC - FUTBIN

FUT 20 Draft, Squad Builder & SBC - FUTBIN

How to start in the app

The application has different mens what are we going explaining little by little to get acquainted with her. First, we have the Start, which shows us a summary view of the side mens. We can search for players, it shows us the most used mens, such as the SBC solver, as well as the latest available SBCs. In the icon of the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen, we will access the menu, which consists of multiple submens.

The first submen is that of Players, which in turn is divided into Market, Favorites, Review, Most Cheap by Rating and Players (submen).

All Futbin functions

In Market, we can see a graph that shows the fluctuation of the prices of each player, and we can see it live, by day or by hour. Favorites, shows us our favorite players, and a search engine where we can search and add more. In addition, you can tell us if they are worth their price. Review It shows us reviews of letters from the FIFA community, so we can see different people's opinions regarding each player. Finally, the submenu of Cheaper by rating, offers us lists of the cheapest players of each rating (from 81 on average). It can be limited by version of letter, position, club, country, and league.

The section of Players, we can look for players according to different characteristics that interest us. We can search and filter for practically any feature that comes to mind: by valuation, by leagues, by passes, by versions, by clubs, by quality, by stats …

Next, we find the Mens News, Zones, and Team Builder. In section News, we can see player reviews, future cards, team predictions of the week that come out every Wednesday … and many other relevant news in the game. Areas, is a section in which we can follow the community of players who have their own forum, with different threads in which people debate about all kinds of issues related to FIFA. Team builder, is a really interesting tool. It allows us to create a template to see its synergies, the chemistry of the equipment, and gives us information about the total price of the equipment, as well as an average rating of the equipment that goes from 0 to 5 stars.

The following mens are those of SBC Solutions, Draft Simulator and TOTW. SBC solutions it helps us to solve the SBCs that we want in the most economically profitable way possible, and thus get all the yield that we can to our money. Eraser simulator It is a free fut draft simulator. The fut draft It consists of choosing one of the 5 templates that they give you, and for each game position you can choose a player of the 5 that they have offered you, but it is paid, and with this tool you can simulate it for free. TOTW (Team of the week) shows you all the teams of the week of each week of the year, and shows us different stats of each player, as well as their price and their information.

Finally, we find the sections of Community Equipment, Consumables, Calculator, Change platform and Card Generator. Community Teams They are teams created by the community that recommend the best possible team according to your budget. We can apply some to each letter Consumables (of chemistry, of contract, of position, of physical form…) and in this section we can see the price of each one of these consumables.

When you sell a player, EA charges you a sales price tax, and Calculator It calculates this tax and the loss (or benefit) that this sale will suppose. We can select our platform in Change platform, since prices vary according to what we play, so in this section we can select from which console we play, and adjust prices correctly. Finally, we find a tool called Card generator. This tool allows us to customize any card to our liking, being able to modify the design of the card, player stats, etc. It is not very useful when playing FIFA, but it is quite fun and we can share our creations with the community.

As vis, this application is very complete Y powerful and you can come with pearls when organizing our teams in FIFA. Despite this, it has a version Premium, so we are limited in some options such as the dark mode of the app, which is not available in the free version, among other things. We hope you enjoy it and the saquis good profit.