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CES 2020: Charmin Rollbot brings toilet paper to the bathroom when it's over

Rollbot, the Charmin robot that takes toilet paper to the bathroom Source: AP

The robot
Charmin Rollbot He has only one mission, and his life is going away, but his actions can be the difference between a funny story or a catastrophe. Or, at least, it saves us having to barely open the bathroom door and shout "the
toilet paper! "when we find a roll of which only the inner carton remains.

At the request for help via Bluetooth, and not to mediate the reaction of another human in the house, Rollbot will take care of going
to the bathroom door to leave, next to her, tens of meters of toilet paper in a neat roll manufactured by Charmin.

Source: AP

For now it is a prototype, and a Charmin vehicle to promote its paper, but it shows how the cost of devising, designing and manufacturing a robot was lowered, the point that a manufacturer of toilet paper rolls can find useful.

The company also showed SmellSense, a sensor that allows you to determine the level of smell a bath has before entering it.