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Bluetooth does not work or does not connect to Huawei: here the solution

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Although it is not very recurrent, there are several users who have reported in social networks and specialized forums problems with the Bluetooth of Huawei and Honor phones, brand owned by the first. Some of the testimonies mention that Bluetooth does not connect or does not even work. To rule out that it is a problem related to the hardware of the device, we will have to apply a series of methods that we will detail below.

Since the methods that we will explain are compatible with any version of EMUI (EMUI 8, 9, 10 …), the steps are that we will see below are applicable to all brand phones. Huawei P10, P10 Lite, P8 Lite, P8, P20, P20 Lite, P30, P30 Pro, P30 Lite, Mate 20 Lite, Mate 20, Mate 10, Mate 10 Lite, Y3, Y5, Y6, Y7, Y9, Honor 8X , 9X, 10 Lite, 9 Lite, View 10, View 20, Honor 20, Honor 10 and a long etc.

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Connect other Bluetooth devices or use another phoneRemove the Bluetooth device and change it againUse the Development Settings to see Bluetooth devices without a nameReset network settings to fix BluetoothUse the Bluetooth Pair applicationUpdate EMUI to the latest versionOr reset the system completely to fix errors

Connect other Bluetooth devices or use another phone

Occasionally, it may be the case that the Bluetooth problem does not come from the telephone, but from the device we want to connect, be it headphones, an activity bracelet or speakers. Therefore, the most recommended is connect other devices to the phone.

Bluetooth does not work does not connect Huawei 1

If the problem persists, it is probably a hardware failure. The only possible solution is to resort to a technical service (or follow the rest of the steps that we will explain below).

Remove the Bluetooth device and change it again

If the error has arisen from one day to another with a device that has already been synchronized previously, it is very likely that an address conflict has been generated. In this case the solution goes through remove the device from the list of connected devices and add it again.

It is very important that the device we want to connect to the phone another smartphone is not connected during this process After adding the device again, the problems should have disappeared.

Use the Development Settings to see Bluetooth devices without a name

In case the problem comes because the Bluetooth device does not appear in the list of available devices, the way to proceed is precisely to activate the identification of devices with no name or with MAC addresses discovered.

Bluetooth does not work or does not connect to Huawei: here the solution 1

For this we will have to previously activate the Development Settings, which can be enabled in Settings / System / About phone by clicking seven times on the Compilation number section, as we can see in the upper screenshot. To access these we will have to go back to System again.

bluetooth does not work does not connect huawei 2 "width =" 590 "height =" 640

The last step was that of activate the option to show Bluetooth devices without a name. Now we just have to go back to the Bluetooth menu and check the available devices again.

Reset the network settings to fix the Bluetooh on Huawei

Another option to fix the Bluetooth in Huawei if the previous ones have not worked goes through resetting the Network Settings. We can do it through the System section; specifically in Reset.

bluetooth does not work does not connect huawei 0 "width =" 590 "height =" 380

Finally, we will select Network Settings and click on Reset. All the settings related to WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile network will be automatically restored. For this reason we will have to add the devices again to synchronize them correctly.

Use the Bluetooth Pair application

Probably the most effective solution to bring the Bluetooth of an Honor or Huawei mobile to life. It is an application that manage the Bluetooth connection independently of the traditional management of Android and EMUI.

Once we have installed the application on our mobile phone we will have to provide you with the relevant Bluetooth permissions. The process to connect a device from it is similar to that of EMUI: it is enough to press on the device we want to synchronize and press immediately on Pair.

bluetooth does not work "width =" 840 "height =" 680

If all goes well, the device will pair correctly with our phone. To connect it we will have to press Copper Connect.

Update EMUI to the latest version to solve possible errors

It may be the case that the problem comes from a failure with the latest update of EMUI, the Huawei customization layer and Honor. The most advisable to solve the error in question is update the phone again to a more recent version that corrected the problem.

In case there is no more recent version, the only solution is to wait, or to carry out what we will explain next.

Or reset the system completely to fix errors

That's right The most drastic solution is to restore the phone completely through the EMUI Settings. We can resort to the section of Restoration within System to proceed with it.

After clicking on Reset phone, all data, applications and settings made within the device will be permanently deleted. Therefore it is recommended make a backup through the homnimo section in the Settings.

If the Bluetooth problem persists after resetting the system safely, this is a hardware problem. The solution? Take advantage of the official technical service of Huawei.

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