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Biwenger and Futmondo for Android

Do you know Common? Then do not miss these alternatives that may even exceed the original version of football manager: Biwenger Y Futmondo.

If you are a few years old, you probably know the mythical PC Soccer, the quintessential soccer manager who was present on all computers in our adolescent era, playing coach of the best players in the world did not die on the PC and continued on the web with applications like Comunio, but there are alternatives that also they are very good.


We start with Futmondo, one of the best sports manager applications that you will find today, if you do not have an account do not worry because you can easily register with either your Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus account, once registered you can join a championship Already created or create a new one with your own standards.

If what you want is to play "individually" the best option will be to join one of the championships already created, they are divided into two categories: Official championships with divisions and List of championships.


In the first section you will enter a series of championships in which you will start from below, you can choose between the Spanish League and the English Premier League, in the second paragraph you can enter a list of championships created by other users, the interesting thing about this option is that you can see how many users form each championship.

To join a championship you will have to click on Join and you are already inside, you can join more than one championship at a time. In the main tab you will find all the championships to which you are registered, from here you can manage everything related to them, such as the teams that are part, the name of your team or how you keep accounts in the Finance section.

Let's go to the important thing, How to make a team? Click on the options button and we will Market, here we have 200 million to make signings and configure our team, within the market you can order the available players by the points they have accumulated, the price, name or the end date of the offer in the market.


One of the main differences with the rest of sports managers is that in Futmondo you don't have a base team As soon as you start the league, you have to go to the market to set up your team, in Comunio or in others you already have a team to start playing from the first moment and money to make signings. This is one of the disadvantages of Futmondo that may throw you back a bit.

The best thing about the game is that there are many championships, some of them with raffles and prizes in which you can win official football team jerseys, and you can also "migrate" a championship of other games to Futmondo by configuring the templates and balance of all the components of the league you were playing, it is a bit cumbersome but this application It works better than others especially in key moments such as when the league will start or when the scores appear.


With Biwenger Registration is as simple as with Futmondo, do it with a Facebook account, Google or an email and start enjoying the game. Once registered we will see the first tab in which we will have to add a league either creating a new one from scratch or joining one of the leagues that are already created.


Sort by position, score or price and configure your team, remember that you have a budget limit so do not go crazy to sign large cracks since the rest of the team will be unbalanced. The easiest way to sign players is by pressing from the lineup and choosing the ones you want to have in your team, in this way you will go directly to the players for positions and you can configure your team by looking at the rest of the budget. Once the team is chosen, do not forget to save the lineup and you can participate in the next league day.