Arknights a tremendous tower defense very Japanese

Arknights has landed on Android today and puts us before a full-blown tower defense, although with a lot of porridge or loot boxes. A title very well agreed in the visual tone, but that way of understanding a freemium can take back even the most painted.

Of course, go preparing for a whole artistic display at graphic level with some illustrations of aupa, although then in battle their well-designed characters are not as colorful. A new tower defense title that adds to the tens of quality we have in the Play Store.

A tower defense very manga


If there is something that also highlights Arknights is for his japanese manga style and that has a lot of pull today; nothing more that you have to go through some of the comic stores of some great capital to realize it at certain times in the week.


That is why Arknights already has much won at first and if it is capable of generating a great gaming experience, the rest is sewn and sung. In the gameplay there is nothing that moves away from other tower defense, although it is in its conception where there are differences.

Instead of placing towers that fire automatically, in Arknights we go to have to direct ourselves Where we want your range of shots to go. That is, we drop the chip in the gang, and we will have to make a gesture to indicate the direction of their attacks. This gives you another set of strategies that we must assess when defending ourselves against those enemies that will appear.

Without many enemies to come in Arknights


Another of the differentiating points in the style of other games, such as the great Infinitode 2 and that we totally recommend if you are a fan of the genre, is the limited number of enemies They leave for us to try to go our way. This already tells us one thing, that we are going to have to think well about the location and direction of the attacks, as well as the different towers, embodied by different heroes.

So how will you see everything is going to an own experience and that we applaud from here to differentiate ourselves from the best of the genre. The story is a bit rocambolesque, since we will become part of a pharmaceutical company called Rhodes Island and will try to prevent those thugs from being able to infect the world with their viruses.

So you will have a good number of heroes to unlock and improve in order to progress through a game that distills a lot of art. In fact, the menu screen, with the exception of Extraordinary Ones, is the best we've seen lately. The truth that is nice to have a high-end terminal and hallucinate with the screen and those graphics; It is another gaming experience and it is like that.

Hundreds of operators in your hand

If there is something that also highlights Arknights is by the number of operators through a wide variety of classes you own. That is, all of them will give rise to different strategies and different ways of dealing with the games. That is, that the game has its depth and looks as if it will be updated periodically.

Arknights is a game very well worked both technically and visually. It also has a great soundtrack and the voices of famous Japanese actors and actresses, so everything adds up to be faced with a gaming experience of its own. We return to what is said about the freemium and the porridge, it all depends if you are able to cope with it, although lately we are increasingly “cured” in suffering the veins of those loot boxes.