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Android Auto is updated and finally suppresses notification sounds

This application has us improved to much life when we travel or route with the car through new areas where GPS is essential and we do not have one integrated as an option in our car. It also completely solves the issue of connectivity and the multimedia, thanks to the fact that it creates compatibility between the applications of our smartphone and the car, so we can enjoy of services as useful as Spotify, Google Maps, Google Assistant, or the telephone or messenger function, which allows us to make or receive calls and messages.

Although it is a tremendously useful application, it is in continuous development since has things to improve, because it has lacks that can be a problem when driving. One of these problems, is that when we receive notifications On our smartphone, we receive both a text notification on the car screen, and a auditory seal which can become annoying, and distract our attention from the road, generating a potential situation from risk for us.

Apparently, Google has solved this in its last update, more specifically in the version v5.0500224 of the app, in which this feature of disable notification soundthat it should have been available a long time ago, and that Google has repeatedly added and removed as it pleased.

How to activate this function

Once we have installed this version of Android Auto in our phone, we will find in the section of configuration a tag that says No notification sound. Once we have activated this option, already we will not receive no kind of sound signal upon receiving a message or one notification of any type. This also us solution to the one that we interrupt continuously the music that we are listening in the car from the mobile, which is almost appreciated more than the fact of the security that this implies.

An other problem remains unresolved

Although this improvement has been included that helps us avoid being distracted by the sound of notifications, there is another problem in the air that has not been resolved. Apparently, as a Reddit user has discovered, when we receive messages from notification, these appear on the car screen, without sound, but they remain there until we manually discard them. This returns to a security problem, since we still have a distraction on the mobile screen and it can become an element of distraction even greater than the sound of the notification itself.

Hopefully this will be solved quickly and the application will be improved especially on issues that influence the driver safety, How is the case.

Android Auto: Google Maps, multimedia and messenger

Android Auto: Google Maps, multimedia and messenger