Aparece una imagen sobre el smartwatch de Meizu que confirma su existencia

An image appears on the Meizu smartwatch confirming its existence

Meizu Smartwatch Assembly (2)

Meizu a few months ago, I present a line of new products, called "Blue Charm", with her He wants to bring us the best specifications at a consistent price. In this range of products, for now, we have already seen two of the terminals that were made available to users for purchase, the Meizu M1 Mini and the Meizu M1 Note.

However, there may be more products under the name of Meizu Blue Charm because the rumor mill stalks Meizu and the issue isover a smartwatch, which, be very similar to the Moto 360 or the LG G Watch R. This will be a great step for the company, because it takes very little time with the phones premium and now with this it will expand the product range.


Filtered photo of the Meizu Blue Charm Watch

As you can see in the picture, It is a circular screen with the brand's own button, that we do not know what functions will have but in any case, they will be useful. The name attributed to the watch is, Blue charm watch.

First of all, I must remember that all this information is rumor. There is nothing confirmed at the moment, just signs, because in theWeibo websiteThere is a page created for the Meizu clock. Before the end of 2015 we will have it among us for sure.

If there is any news we will be attentive to it.

Do you think the Blue Charm Watch exists?

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