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A useful marketing tool for brands?

  • According to 99firms, Facebook Live had about two billion visitors by 2019

  • In 2017, already one in five videos on the platform were broadcast live

  • By 2018, more than four out of 10 businesses employed the livestreaming as a social media marketing strategy

Using social networks as a marketing tool is a common strategy among brands, and for several reasons. Initially, it is possible to implement systems such as Artificial Intelligence (IA) to make business activities more profitable. Of course, it is a great way to employ new flashy techniques among young generations, in the style of influencers. But more importantly, they are an excellent channel for distribute content.

Each platform has its benefits, but Facebook proves to be one of the most relevant sites within Mexico. According to data from the Merca 2.0 Research Department, the Mark Zuckerberg project is the one with the greatest penetration among the general population. In addition, according Post Planner Y Lyfe, tends to generate more leads and has the most specialized marketing scheme. But more importantly, it is becoming a force in the livestreaming.

Livestreaming as a marketing opportunity

There is no doubt that the video is king of content. The live broadcast, especially for marketing, is a different story. According AMP Live, it is more difficult to gather a large audience and address the appropriate public in these activations. For its part, Clickz He believes that there is not such a high level of control over the result. However, in an interview with Merca 2.0, Gerardo Sordo, CEO and founder of BrandMe, points out that this is still an attractive opportunity.

The main benefits that I see for brands go hand in hand with timing, take advantage of people being on social networks and being creative with audiences during events. For example, a marketing strategy will be to hold exclusive artist sessions. The two can share the private event in their accounts so that their respective followers are mutually involved. Another advantage is knowing the feedback and immediate opinion of the people.

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The case in favor of Facebook Live

It is established, then, that the livestreaming It is at least one place where the brand can carry out different marketing strategies. However, there are many options in this market. According Mediakix, Twitch has about 15 million daily users. The Influence Makreting Hub estimates that, in Mixer, 32.6 million hours of video are consumed per quarter. But Sordo says that the Zuckerberg project has very specific advantages.

Today, Facebook rewards video content and streamings It gives you exposure Free if you are a brand that has a good career on the platform. In addition, if you have thousands of followers on the FanPage, you have the opportunity to generate new pieces of content that add value to both them and your brand. Beyond marketing, there is even the chance to monetize more transmissions. People can pay donations, something very attractive.

What marketing strategies can be created on Facebook Live?

Knowing that it is an attractive platform is not the same as having a clear idea of ​​which strategies work best. In accordance with Green geeks, it is always functional to ally with influencers or create talk shows with experts For its part, Neil Patel Defend Q&A sessions or How-To videos as the most attractive materials. Be that as it may, BrandMe CEO points out that the key to success lies in a clear differentiation from the rivals.

I believe that the most fundamental aspect of a Facebook Live marketing strategy is that you should not forget followers. It is not enough to activate streamings when it suits the brand. Daily care should be taken and generate quality multiformat content. Material that adds value so that followers are always on the lookout for brand updates. Of course, you always have to say day and time when the transmission will be made.

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