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5 tricks to be better at Coin Master (in full 2020)

Coin Master Cheats

Coin Master is one of the most popular Moon Active games thanks to its playability. In this title the players have the main objective of Get coins to improve your village little by little. In this way, when you get more experience the rewards are even bigger.

Advancing in this type of games takes a lot of time, especially since everything depends on the 5 spins they give you per hour. You should use them wisely to earn more coins. If you have trouble getting coins and want to be the best in the game, do not worry, then we will show you the best tips and tricks for Coin Master.

How to win on spin bets

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In the betting machine you can have a maximum of 50 spins available, you should use them wisely, since it depends on the plays that you earn and earn a certain amount of money.

You can pull the machine 50 times in a row if you wish, but it is not recommended. The number of spins you have available greatly influences the results, since the game sometimes works with patterns. To be more specific, the best moves come out when they are at the ends of the bar, so between 1 and 10, or 35 and 50 turns you will get 3 equal figures most of the time.

How to get additional spins

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Money orders are your main source of resources, since the machine is the only way to get coins, in addition to completing villages. When you run out of turns, you must wait an hour to get at least 5, or 10 hours to fill the 50 bar. Getting free spins is complicated, but not impossible, if you want to save and get more, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Get turns with shields: It may sound strange, but it's true. It is recommended that you enter the game very often so that they do not attack you and you have to spend shields. In this way, if you have 3 accumulated and you get an additional one in the spinning machine, the shield automatically transforms into an additional spin.
  • Energy capsules: Getting 3 capsules in the turning machine is one of the most complicated things. In spite of that, this combo usually leaves between 1 and 25 turns, if you manage it, they will give you up to 10 additional turns.

How to get collectible cards

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Cards are collectibles that they give you very good rewards when you find a certain amount of them. These are classified as bronze, silver and gold, some are more difficult to find than others. If you still have not been able to obtain any of them, it is because you do not know where to obtain them, so we will recommend several ways to get them in the game below:

  • Chests: It is one of the most effective ways to get new cards. Although the most advisable thing is that you only invest in chests of the Card Boom event, since here you are more likely to find special cards and save more money.
  • Do not miss the Viking search event: Many players miss this event because they do not usually complete all the indicated tasks. It is important to overcome all the steps so you can get more cards.
  • Ask friends for help: It is another way to get the cards, although they must be only silver letters. Up to a maximum of 5 letters can be sent per day to a friend, if you agree with someone, both of you will surely move faster than you expect.

Attack the buildings that are damaged

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When you get the 3 figures of a hammer in the turning machine, you can attack a village of some player. First of all, keep in mind that if the player you are attacking counts with shield, you will only get 50,000 coins and there is no way to avoid the shield.

On the other hand, if your enemy has no shield, this will be a great advantage for you, since you can get a lot of money with a single attack. The problem is knowing which building to attack. The most recommended establishments to attack are monuments or houses. Even if if there is any building that has already been destroyed, attack it without thinking, since these, although it may not seem like it, are the ones that usually have the most coins.

Assault in places near buildings

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