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YouTube radicalizes its users

Youtube seems to be a video platform that radicalizes many of the users who participate making comments on the wide variety of videos available. It is the conclusion that emerges in a new study recently revealed.

This is a publication published in Barcelona, ​​studies in which researchers from a Swiss political school and also from the Federal Minas Gerais University of Brazil have participated, whose conclusions are not beneficial for the YouTube platform.

Apparently, there are certain user communities within YouTube that are migrating their thought from the extreme right to the most radical extreme right, something that has been seen in the comments of certain types of videos found on the platform.

A total of more than 330,000 videos from almost 350 YouTube channels were analyzed and divided into 4 categories, 2 of them with stronger content than the first two. The conclusion is that users, over the years, have been moving to comment more extreme content.

That is, through the processing of 72 million comments on videos of these 4 categories, they have realized that users are increasingly distributed and are consumers of increasingly extreme videos, which leads to that radicalization we are talking about

The transfer of users continues to grow and more and more are coming from softer videos to more extreme ones, which means that users who watch normal content also comment on those with more aggressive content, something that has been seen to be happening in recent years.

The reason for radicalization is a mystery that the study has not been able to determine, but it is likely that it can be related to the YouTube video recommendation system, because if you see videos of a certain extreme category, others of equal content may appear.

In any case, it is a study on which YouTube has not ruled on it in any way, nor to state that it could be a possible responsible for the radicalization of users nor for the opposite.

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Do you agree that YouTube could have something to do with the radicalization of users according to this research?