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With the work calendar you can easily manage the days of your employees

When it comes to recording the days of employees, the first option that comes to mind is that of a Work calendar. This digital system of labor control allows us to record those days of vacations, leave, holidays or other events that require to be signaled for later consultation, expanding the possibilities thanks to the web panel or control panel (see it at any time and any device, grant it access to the employees themselves, etc.) and a correct application of the law.

It is, therefore, a mandatory and essential utility in companies and SMEs that need to manage the working days and freedom of their employees. But, Where do I start if I want to create a work calendar?

How create a work calendar

If what we are looking for is a simple and complete solution, perhaps the most interesting alternative is this calendar to record hours of work that not only has a web version, but also has a mobile app.

From this, the administrator takes care of the calendar management, being able to treat them individually for each of them or group for an entire template (or part); It is also possible to copy the same calendars between different users.

Likewise, this calendar includes a multitude of work permits to register in the quadrants, such as: holidays, labor holidays, compensated, moving, marriage, death, medical rest, leave, own affairs, vacations and others, the latter to be used if the situation is not described with these labels.

Employees can check their work calendar and even request vacations from it, selecting what days or period you want. At the moment, the administrator (or sub-administrator, or group manager) receives a notice to contemplate said request and the user receives another notification with the response whether it has been accepted or not. The end result is that everything is duly recorded in the work calendar and in the report of each employee.

Immediate updates: administrators and employees are always informed of changes

Moreover, practically all changes made to the calendars carry a warning email to the affected parties so that they are always aware of the new modifications. And speaking of modifications, it is also possible to make them in past events, thus being able to to correct any erroneous data entered in the current or previous month.

It should be noted that to make a correction, both parties (administrator, sub-administrator or responsible and employee) must accept the change previously. On the other hand, both the administrator and the user can request a correction, that if accepted be reflected both in the calendar and in the generated report.

In this way, both managers and employees themselves can check their work calendar at a glance and in real time, suggest changes and be informeds about any update Instantly All this from any smart device, at any time and complying with current law.