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This is how a truly unlimited plan works

It is almost certain that 95 percent of your loved ones, but 100 percent, would like to have unlimited data in your smarpthone to always be connected to social networks, watch videos, listen to music, browse and play.

Now, what would you think if we told you that unlimited data will cost only $ 399 MXN per month? That is precisely the proposal that Movistar brings to Mexico during December. Sounds too good to be real? We explain it to you.

Are they really unlimited data?

When we talk about the Movistar Unlimited Plan, the operator does not only refer to unlimited use of Facebook or WhatsApp, nor that you can use more GBs on YouTube.

This is the great Christmas gift that Movistar has prepared for you

It actually refers to unlimited data to use any application, watch videos, download files, play online, upload and share multimedia files, stream music and video and, in a nutshell, whatever you can think of. This also includes unlimited calls and SMS messages.

And the speed of use? Click on the video above for Pontn, Jimena and the Movistar expert to explain more details.