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The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is updated with a new exercise function

A few days ago Xiaomi announced that it was officially bringing the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to Spain, which at the moment is the latest version of its smart bracelet.

We already analyzed it a while ago but personally I keep it as a device for daily use, so I am aware of the developments that are gradually being implemented.

In the last hours the users of this accessory have received an update of the firmware of the bracelet through the app My fit That has included a new feature.

Exercise measurement from the wristband

One of the main applications of this bracelet is to quantify the exercise we do. By default it is able to measure the distance and the steps we take but in the Mi Fit application we have a section that keeps the exercises we do individually. For example, if we do half an hour of cycling and then go for an hour, two different records are saved.

With the new update of the bracelet that operation can be done directly from it, without needing the app. We simply navigate to the new option called Exercise and click on the Mi Band 3 button.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is updated with a new exercise function

Once this is done, the exercise will begin and account for the calories burned, the pulse and the time we have been exercising, in addition to giving us the time. If we want we can pause it momentarily or totally.

As in all menus, we can make it appear in one position or another depending on whether we use it a lot or not. To change it we have to go to the mobile application and then go to:

  • Profile -> Mi Band 3 -> Display settings

We can also hide it from the interface if it is something we will never use, making it easier to navigate the menus of the bracelet.