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The Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro may include a Touch Bar like the MacBook Pro

smart keyboard touch bar

One of the key accessories of the iPad Pro plus the Apple Pencil is its keyboard. Apple designed at the time a case that also acted as a keyboard that it was connected to the iPad through the Smart Connector so it would not be necessary to incorporate a battery. This design has been improved with the latest iPad Pro, since the keyboard is now held magically and is less appalling.

But everything indicates that the iPad Pro keyboard will continue to evolve and a recent Apple patent shows how it inherited one of the improvements that came to the MacBook Pro a few years ago: the Touch Bar. And it makes perfect sense. world.

The Touch Bar can reach the iPad Pro

If Apple wants to position its iPad Pro as a substitute for MacBook Pro, it makes perfect sense that the keyboard evolves in the same line, and the Touch Bar could be an important step.

iPad patent

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The patent has been disclosed by Patently Apple and it is called “Apple invents the next generation smart cover with flexible multi-touch screen, solar panels and built-in keyboard”. However, as can be seen both in the description and in the accompanying image, this new Touch Bar could be much more complex than the one we see in the current MacBook Pro.

Apparently this extra screen for the iPad Pro will be able to run specific applications designed for her, it will also be compatible with the Apple Pencil. The user can customize the icons that appear in it, so you can act as a kind of dock for the iPad Pro with shortcuts to different apps. Of course, this new Smart Keyboard will be connected using the Smart Keyboard.

We do not know if this patent end up being a real device, but it may make sense to do so. We only doubt whether it will be more like what we have in MacBook Pro or be a new evolution.