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The other BQ tablets


Science Made in Spain: The other BQ tablets

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October 21, 2015

bq-aquaris-e10 colors

As we have mentioned on other occasions, some Spanish companies refuse to resign themselves and lose positions in the tablet race. The rise in a few years of several firms from other countries such as China have not prevented some Spanish brands that are competing hard against giants such as Huawei or Acer.

Between the strategies that technology companies use to position themselves within the market are the multi-terminal launch at the same time or the exit to the street of entire series of devices looking to occupy as much space as possible. Others manage to attract attention through the name of their terminals, as is the case with Wolder with their tablets inspired by US territories or as we will see below, BQ, which has given its devices the name of some of the great scientists in history.

BQ Curie 2

An old tablet with Egyptian airs

First, we talk about the model Hypatia, whose name comes from the famous astronomer of the ancient Alexandria. This terminal has a size of 8 inches and one resolution very modest of 800 × 600 pixels. Launched in 2012 with the operating system Android 4.0 has a memory RAM very discreet of 512 MB and a 4 GB internal storage. Dispose of two cameras and connection Wifi. This device was one of the first tablet terminals created by the Spanish firm. It can still be found in some online buying and selling portals at an approximate price of 119 euros, something excessive for its benefits that have already become outdated.

The great explorer Livingstone

Another of the star terminals at the time of BQ It was him Livingstone 3N. This device, one of the largest in the firm, has a screen of 10.1 inch although it presents a resolution of 1280 × 800, low for its dimensions and that gives an average of 150 pixels per inch. As for its operating system, it is somewhat more modern than the Hypatia model, since it has Android 4.2. Count with one processor acceptable Cortex A9 with 4 cores. In relation to its memory, it is a device that has evolved with respect to its predecessor but still maintains certain deficiencies. 1GB of RAM and 16 of internal memory expandable to 64. Finally we highlight your two cameras the 5 Mpx rear and 2 front, which are also somewhat scarce.

BQ Readers Tablets

Elcano's discovery

One of the tablets of BQ which has surprised users the most has been the Elcano 2. This model, just 7 inches and one 1280 × 800 pixel resolution It may seem somewhat low in terms of this last feature. However, it has other benefits quite good for your small size. 3G connection, 1GB RAM and 32 storage and a Quad Core Cortex A7 processor They make this device a reasonable option for those looking for a small tablet but with acceptable specifications. Another of its strengths is its operating system. Android 4.2. his 5 Mpx rear camera and 2 front Nor are they a bad feature if we take them into account along with the rest of this device.

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<h2>The light comes with Edison 3 mini</h2>
<p>This latest model has a larger version and also more expensive but with better features. The<strong> Edison 3 mini</strong> It has a screen of <strong>8 inches</strong> and one<strong> 1280 × 800 pixel resolution.</strong> It has two types of <strong>1 GB and 2 GB RAM</strong> as well as a <strong>storage of only 16 but expandable</strong>. One of its strengths is its processor, a <strong>Intel Atom</strong> which reaches a speed of 1.83 Ghz. Like the Elcano model, it has <strong>two cameras</strong>: One of <strong>5 Mpx and another 2</strong> which however, can record in <strong>High Definition</strong>. It is equipped with <strong>Android 4.4 Kit Kat </strong>and has an approximate price of<strong> 159.90 euros.</strong></p>
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Tablets in constant evolution

Technology is a race and in it, all brands launch new models that consistently outperform previous ones. This fact also occurs in BQ since models like the Hypatia they have already been very obsolete if we compare them with other terminals of the same brand as the Aquaris E10. However, we must take into account the short trajectory of this brand, which is just over five years old and that has achieved a good market penetration not only of tablets but of smartphones with devices like the Aquaris 5.5 not forgetting that it has revolutionized the world of 3D printing by becoming a pioneer firm that designs these devices that will give much to talk about in the future.

What is to come: Aquaris M10

As we have seen, the firm has managed to launch terminals at a dizzying pace to rise to other consolidated firms within the medium and low cost ranges of tablets. However, it will soon launch what is supposed to be its star model, the Aquaris M10What is known is that it will have the sound system Dolby Atmos and will be a pioneer among all European manufacturers in owning this feature.

BQ Aquaris M10 white

As we have seen, BQ It is determined to be a European technological reference. However, there are another variety of Spanish brands such as Wolder and Woxter They have models that also have great characteristics. You have at your disposal more information about other BQ devices in addition to comparisons with other devices of different brands that are already present in the market.