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The digital crown of the Apple Watch could evolve into a joystick

Apple Watch Series 4 electrocardiogram Canad

This past week a new Apple patent has been registered in the United States. It is a mechanism that will evolve the current digital crown Apple Watch on a joystick multidirection, in addition to continuing to preserve current movements.

In the patent image we can see how the external mechanism would be very similar, while all change will be internal. It will then be a joystick that will use the entire surface of the crown as a ?lever? of movement, the axis of movement being the internal mechanism attached to the clock itself.

Apple Watch Crown Joystick Patent

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These types of joysticks have already been applied to other devices, but What really makes this unique and worthy of a new patent is that Apple integrated all the sensors which are currently in the digital crown together with this mechanism in the same space that the current crown occupies.

You can be part of a future Apple Watch or stay in nothing

Apple is continuously patenting new mechanisms, sensors and designs to have the largest number of solutions available when creating new devices, but this does not ensure that they will finally integrate. So far we have seen very ingenious patents and that users will surely love to see on new Apple devices. Many of them are also innovations for the Cupertino watch as a battery and antennas on the straps or controls of the device in a gesture, without having to touch the clock as such.

It may not be in the next generation, it may not even be in two, but it could be that at some point we will have an Apple Watch with a joystick that offers us new movements and interactions with WatchOS. What do you think of this new watch control? Share your opinion with us in the comments.