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The best sound bars we saw at CES 2020

This article is part of our continuous coverage of CES 2020, which includes some of the best devices and technology exhibited at the fair.

If you have a TV, you need a sound bar. It's that simple. Luckily, CES is packed with them. There are all the new models with the most avant-garde features that will undoubtedly be on your list for the new year. We have compiled the best models we saw (and heard) at CES 2020 so you can make a leap to the best of the best and so start this new decade with good footing.

selection of the editor of ces 2020

ces 2020

Vizio Elevate

Best sound bars of CES 2020

Don't be too surprised that Vizio is on this list. The company manufactures some of the best sound bars. This year, brings to the fair many interesting news. The company has completely renewed its line of sound bars by 2020, adding a new discreet appearance, expected features such as a backlit display for remote control (finally), along with updates to its high-end bars, such as technology eARC for Dolby Atmos high resolution and automatic audio synchronization with compatible devices. The Elevate model has all that and much more.

This monster of anodized aluminum of 5.1.4 channels and 48 inches does not stand out for its aesthetics, but for its rotating speakers to offer surround sound. When the bar detects a Dolby Atmos or DTS: X signal, its side speakers move up to bounce the sound on the ceiling and get 3D audio. When used in direct stereo mode, they rotate down again to achieve powerful loudness. It is an ingenious function, which produced an impressive sound in our first demonstration. Add to this all the new elegant satellite surround speakers and even an analog input that can work with your smart speaker.

TCL High 9+

best sound bars ces 2020 tcl alto 9 soundbar small 768x768

There are several features that make the TCL Alto 9+ model worth seeing at CES 2020. One of them is simply that this unit, which was first exhibited at IFA 2019, is scheduled to arrive in the United States this year. . Also for its design Ray-Danz, which incorporates an old-school audio dispersion method, based on two side-shot controllers and a series of reflectors that double the sound around the room to get a bigger sweet spot (area of the stay where you should sit to immerse yourself in the action) with Dolby Atmos content.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about this soundbar is not what you get, but what you don't need, like the remote control. If you have Roku TV, of course. Alto 9+ is one of the first sound bars that participate in the Roku TV Ready program, which allows you to control all the functions of the bar from the remote control of your Roku TV using the interface on the screen of your TV. The program will soon be extended to other brands, but this brilliant new collaboration is a great reason for Roku TV fans not to lose sight of this model.

JBL 9.1

best sound bars ces 2020 jbl bar 91 soundbar 768x768

Another novel solution to enjoy Dolby Atmos sound: the first sound bar compatible with JBL Dolby Atmos is made with removable and totally wireless speakers. And when we say totally wireless, it's literally like that. Detachable satellite speakers attached to the side of the bar have batteries inside that are charged from the bar, allowing them to be removed for 10 hours before they need to be reloaded.

Although it does not fit everyone, those who want to connect without wires and without plugs will find that this bar is perfect. The clear and powerful immersion in Atmos, the intense bass and many other features make this small bar unique and worthwhile.

Klipsch Bar 54A Dolby Atmos

best sound bars ces 2020 klipsch bar 54a 768x768

The Klipsch Bar 54A model first appeared at CES last year, but it did not go on sale. Now, this 54-inch, 5.1.4-channel giant has finally arrived, and it has been worth the wait. After a quick demonstration, we were impressed by the power of this four-piece system and the gigantic 12-inch subwoofer.

Along with tons of power, the Bar 54A bar is equipped with a host of advanced features, such as HDMI eARC connection, Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay 2 and Amazon Alexa support. With a price of $ 1,500 dollars, it is certainly not for tight budgets, but if you are looking for an Atmos soundbar to create your own sound paradise, look no further.

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