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Running out of toilet paper is not a problem with this particular robot

When was the last time you were in the bathroom and noticed that you had no toilet paper and that there was no one to treat it? If you have suffered this uncomfortable situation, surely you would have appreciated the Charmin RollBot, a particular robot that has become one of the main attractions of the CES 2020 technology fair.

Charmin RollBot

Subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, Charmin is a manufacturer of toilet paper that has become popular in social networks and the Internet thanks to its funny advertisements starring bears, but that in the Las Vegas event has surprised with its incursion in the market of the robots

RollBot connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth, so to call it you just need to press a button. It uses a balancing mechanism that allows it to stand and move, even if it is loaded with one of Charmin's gigantic Forever rolls, which can last up to three months.

But this bear-shaped robot is not the only article that Charmin surprised. Running out of toilet paper is one thing, but getting into a bathroom and being knocked down by a "wall of aromas" is something everyone is familiar with and that, surely, nobody enjoys. To combat this, Charmin introduced the SmellSense.

This sensor is calibrated to detect the carbon dioxide inside your bathroom and show you on a panel a status that indicates “Enter” or “Do not enter”. In this way, you can find out if a bath is "safe" to be used, without using your nose as a test device.

Premium experience

RollBot and SmellSense focus on ease of use, but Charmin intends to take your experience inside your bathroom beyond what you've ever imagined. That is at least what the VI Pee promises, a tool that gives you the possibility of not getting lost just because you have to answer the call of nature.

How is that? Charmin simply describes VI Pee as a “premium portable bathroom experience”: you sit on the toilet and put on your Oculus Rift S VR virtual reality glasses to resume the concert, sporting event or anything else you've been seeing before of succumbing to your biological impulses.

Unfortunately none of these Charmin products will be available for retail sale, the creations of this subsidiary of Procter & Gamble advance what might be smart bathrooms in the future.

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