Realme X2 Pro en la mano, trasera

Really it is already one of the brands that sell the most in Spain

Realme X2 Pro in the hand, rear

This 2019 has left us has left us really important news but nothing positive, such as the dispute between the US government and Huawei. However, we have also experienced very positive things, such as the arrival of really. In fact, it has been one of the most important irruptions that are remembered.

I'm really here to make a dent in the smartphone market, one of the most complicated and crowded sectors of today. Your strategy is not going bad, as they say from Counterpoint, It has become one of the top 5 brands in Spain.

Really it is already one of the most important firms

During last November, and with only a couple of months in Spain, I really managed to get with 4.3% of the market share, placed in the fifth position of the ones that sell the most. At the top of the ranking is Samsung, with 33.5% of the market.

The Asian firm has managed to place itself among the largest companies in record time, and although it is still far from Huawei, which account takes 14.2% of total sales, its feat is still surprising. Among the most sold are also Apple, which ties with Huawei, and Xiaomi, which is in second place with 16.8% of sales.

Realme is already the fifth brand in Spain

has really come up with a strategy that makes comparison with Xiaomi inevitable, powerful smartphones with great features at a tight price. Without going any further, the realme X2 Pro It is one of the most interesting terminals of the last months, with a 90 Hz AMOLED panel, the powerful Snapdragon 855+, 4 cameras and a 4,000 mAh battery with a 50W fast charge.

As we have said, this new arrival is still far from the largest, but with only 3 months in the Spanish market there is nothing we can reproach. If you maintain the same pricing policy during the year 2020, we may see changes in the ranking.

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