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new brawler, skins and ms

Brawl Stars update from January 2020, new brawler, skins and more

Did you enjoy Brawlidad? Then prepare your fingers because January has started with everything in Brawl Stars. And is that the new update has brought a new brawler, new aspects, a new environment and much more. So stay with us because we tell you in detail all the new changes.

In fact, there will not be another heavy update until March 2020. There are quite a few new things that you can enjoy. The only thing they said was that Within this update be a small surprise for Valentine's Day.

Everything to bring the new January 2020 update of Brawl Stars

Mr.P, the new brawler

Mr.P, the new brawler "width =" 1200 "height =" 674

This little penguin has come from the North Pole to beat all the brawlers of the game and, although it seems friendly, it is not. In fact, it has a special aspect that makes it look like a secret agent.

  • Basic attack: shoot a lightning bolt that bounces on either side when hit.
  • Sper attack: Summons a machine that ejects mini penguins that search for the closest enemies to exploit them.
  • Special ability: It is unknown at the moment.

They also did not specify the type of brawler that is, but we believe that it could be a special brawler since the last ones that they have taken out have been mythical, peaks and legendary.

Agent P, aspect of the new brawler "width =" 1200 "height =" 674

New aspects in Brawl Stars

How in almost all the heavy updates of Brawl Stars, we have new aspects. And really they are quite funny, so shake an eye because surely you will like:

  • Bibi Herona.
  • Tara the Street Ninja.
  • 8-bit Virus.
  • Koala Nita (SPECIAL EDITION).

New aspects of brawlers in Brawl Stars January 2020 "width =" 1200 "height =" 356

Koala Nita seeks to raise funds to be donated to Australia due to the unfortunate losses that the fires of the last weeks have caused. A very positive initiative by Supercell.

Also there will be a special aspect for Valentine's Day. We believe that being a special aspect of Piper or Bo being cupid.

Brawl Stars special aspect of Valentine's Day "width =" 1200 "height =" 676

Arcadia, the new environment of Brawl Stars

The special environments of Brawl Stars are not something new, they already did it with Retrpolis and with Brawlidad. However, this new environment is quite fun since It is based in Japan, South Korea and China, three important passes in the development of video games. This is why the new environment is called Arcadia.