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Japanese elders use exoskeletons to continue working

Japan is famous for its workers. Either because there is a real problem of workaholism or because conditions oril people to adopt these behaviors, but they usually do unusual things. An example are these seniors who have started using exoskeletons to postpone their retirement and continue with his heavy work of load.

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Many of these Japanese workers perform in one or another job that involves having to carry heavy loads. Builders, merchants and even Wisky barrel loaders need the strength of their body to continue working. The problem is that many of them have aged without retirement plans or insurance to support them. And it does not seem that things are going to improve, because Japan plans to extend the retirement age to 70 years. That is why many have decided to use artificial skeletons that allow them to continue with their work.

(Photo: Daigo Orihara)

The Exoskeletons are already marketed and used by companies for purposes such as preventing injuries when carrying heavy loads, but it seems they have found another use: they can also allow older workers to extend their retirement age.

Exoskeletons are loaded on the back like a kind of backpack. They have a weight of approximately 2.3 Kg and allow loading packages up to 25 Kg. They can be made of different materials, but the most common are metal and carbon fiber, one of the strongest materials manufactured industrially. And of course they are not cheap, but many workers have chosen to spend a part of their retirement on these devices. They cost around 145, 500 yen (equivalent to approximately 25 thousand MXN) and to date it is reported that 4,000 teams have been sold throughout Japan.

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