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If you use markdown markup language, don't miss the appointment with Press

Press markdown

In the Play Store we have a good number of apps editor markdown notes, and it is Press a new one that has arrived in beta. This new markdown note editor is characterized by being visually very attractive and even having a night mode.

Markdown is a markup language that is expanding like the foam for its great simplicity of use and to provide the user with the ability to format a text by using some characters. Especially is being used offline and to take notes that are perfectly readable by giving them bold, italic and much more.

What is markdown


As the name translated into Spanish indicates, it is a markup language that allows us to format texts that we write from a device such as our mobile or our computer. It is a language that can be used in numerous apps like Trello and that you can try by making a note in this great tool for team coordination.

That markup language use for bold what two are **, or use this sign = then to mark an H1 or H2 for the sentences or paragraph titles. You will need no time to make it to him and thus be able to use apps like the one we show you in this publication and that is very useful.

If it is being used a lot it is for its ease of use and to save time when writing in HTML; although with WordPress we usually have the keyboard combinations to mark an H2. Although with markdown we can use two pads to write the H2 directly and thus go more directly to the point. Be that as it may, it is a language that you can surely get all the usefulness of the world.

Press, a new markdown notes editor


Press is a simple WYSIWYG editor for markdown notes And that is more than perfect if you usually use that markup for your notes on your mobile. It is not the first app in the Play Store in this category, but it does become a great candidate to compete with those who have been on Andrroid for a long time.

Among the best features of Press is the preview of the text we are writing in markdown and what is the dark theme that comes to us or painting for those hours at night when we are editing or using that marking for our notes.

We must mention that we are facing an app that It is in beta and that we can find in Github to know the state of its development. In fact, its developer recommends going through your Github to know what's new and when you can talk about a finished application.

Learning markup language with Press


It has a marking tutorial on one of the notes so that you know all the inquiries and you become the most common markings such as asterisks or pads. Of course, if you have updated Android 10 in a Galaxy, the app is giving untimely closures and in fact makes it impossible for us to launch it again.