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Huawei partners with TomTom for mapping and navigation services »ERdC

Huawei partners with TomTom for mapping and navigation services

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Huawei already found in the job of searching replacements or alternatives for Google mobile services. The brand already has its set of applications to which they have named Huawei Mobile Services. Within these applications are included; AppGallery (its version of Play Store), Huawei Video (the replacement for YouTube), Huawei Themes, Huawei Wallet and Huawei Browser, etc. It also has Quick Apps, which is your alternative to instant Google applications.

Huawei also has an application for mapping and location service; these were developed through the collection of tools for application developers; these have been termed as the Map kit in HMS Core. Through these applications location and mapping services are provided as is the case with Google Maps services. According to a report made by Reuters; The Chinese company would have established a partnership with Tomtom; which is a Dutch company that provides mapping services.

The information was provided by Remco Meerstra, who serves as a spokesman for TomTom. It seems that Huawei and TomTom have a long-established agreement; However, they recently finished setting the last terms and conditions to close the deal. With this contract between the two companies, the Chinese giant will have the use of mapping services; Traffic information and navigation software from TomTom in your applications. As mentioned earlier, this application will serve as an alternative to the widely used Google Maps.

The new mapping service must be pre-installed in the next Smartphone of the company. Within the next releases that the Chinese company has planned is its Huawei P40 series; in which the new mapping application should be making its debut. Possibly older models may be receiving this application through some update that launches the company.

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