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How to efficiently max your Brawl Stars account

His last trick has been Brawls Stars, a game that modifies the performance of the classic computer MOBA of a lifetime and brings the dynamic of the fast battles of his other games, resulting in a very game funny Y dynamic which was placed in the top 1 of the Play Store playlists during its first week of release. Such has been its success, that SuperCell has raised more than 200 million of dollars with in-app purchases of the game, and it is not surprising, since the game has been installed for more than 90 million users all over the world.

Move along quickly in this game it can be a long process and that requires dedication, but always fun thanks to the huge amount of characters Y game modes We have at our disposal. The fastest way to move forward is to pay. This is so, because if we buy gems we can buy any resource of the game (except stellar points). However, there are some tricks that we can continue to do the process of max account the most efficient possible.

Getting all the characters: robotic fight

For max the Brawl Stars account, we will need characters to those who level up. To do this, we must focus on get all boxes That we can to be touched. The trick to get boxes quickly, is to take advantage of tickets of special events. We must gather all the tickets we can, as well as don't spend gems in skins, at least until we have a good amount of characters.

When we have a sufficient amount of tickets and gems playing normally in the game, we must wait until the weekend in which the event is available Robotic fight. In this game mode we can bet until 20 tickets, what to multiply x20 the chips we get. Before playing with the 20 tickets, we must make sure that we have at least one duplicator of tokens active. The only tem in which we should spend gems, at least at the beginning, is in duplicators, so if we ever see a offer In this element, there is no doubt, be the best investment. It must be said that we should not spend tickets if they are not accompanied by duplicators, because in this way we will not get all the possible chips.

Once we have tickets and duplicators, we can play Robotics Fight and try to get the maximum possible chips, which are 640 and are reached in the minute 6:15 of robotic survival. It is advisable play with friends to get the best result, and currently the best possible team is Jessie, Pam and 8-Bit, which together create an impenetrable turret combo for enemy robots and can fight from afar. Jessie's turret attacks and distracts robots, Pam's cure us, and the 8-Bit power raises our power.

If we get to this brand, we will get 640 chips, which with the duplicator become 1280, or the equivalent of 12 boxes, almost 13. This can be repeated until we first run out of duplicators, at which point we must stop and wait to get more, and second until we run out of tickets, since we cannot play more. With the weather We will get a lot of boxes and the brawlers will fall one after another, but we should not be impatient and take it easy.

Maxetrating characters strategically

East method it leads us to opening such a quantity of boxes, we will obtain not only brawlers quickly, but also strength points to improve them, a lot gold, gems Y duplicatorsin addition to tickets. The moment we get many characters, we must level them up, to get to the level 9which is the maximum strength level, and unlock the stellar abilities of each brawler. Each character has two stellar skills: one defensive and another offensive. However, they are many and difficult to obtain. Therefore, we must follow some rules to get the skill that interests us.

We should not upload the characters to more than level 8 of strength Why? because if we raise it to 9, we will unlock the possibility of their stellar skills touching us. This is good, however, if for example we want a particular star skill to touch us, the more characters we have at 9, the more we distribute the possibilities to get the skill we want. Therefore, we should only go up to level 9 to the brawler whose stellar ability we want. In this way, the 1% chance that we have a stellar ability to come out, that brawler will take it away, and we will play one of the two possible ones (defensive or offensive, 0.5% probability each). If we had for example 5 brawlers to 9, there will be 10 possible skills to achieve, so the chances of each one will be reduced to 0.1%, and we could take a long time to get what we want. Since there is currently a total of 66 star abilities, it is highly recommended to use this methodology.