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Fortnite Week 1, Season 9: visit all the celestial platforms

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The volcano erupted, Tilted Towers and Retail Row have been sacrificed, and now we are in the future. Season nine of the video game Fortnite It's here, and it comes with 10 weeks of new challenges to complete across the island. With all the changes and additions made to the map, we don't know what to expect.

To begin with, the challenge that we will cover in this guide commands us with the objective “visit all the celestial platforms”. But before we begin, let's see all the goals of the week.

Fortnite Week 1 Challenges

fortnite visit all the celestial platforms 1

Although it is a new season, that does not mean that there have been dramatic changes in terms of challenges. There are still seven Battle Royale objectives to meet, four being only available to those who have the battle pass, and the remaining three available to all. If you want to see the full list, you can do it from our capture here above.

Maybe because it is the beginning of a new season, all good challenges are free this week. Most involve showing the player new techniques and places on the map. As with "visit all the celestial platforms", which we will discuss in detail.

Challenge "visit all the celestial platforms"

fortnite visit all celestial platforms 2

This one in particular puts the players in the search for seven celestial platforms on the island. In case you did not know, they tend to look quite similar and are in different places, similar to the pirate camps of the previous season. This challenge not only takes you to know where they are, but also to know exactly what changed on the map this season.

Being seven platforms to visit, you probably cannot complete it in a single game. We could hardly do it in two, but surely you are more comfortable to do it in three or four.

To begin, we recommend once again that you do this challenge in Team Rumble mode, for the same reasons as always. You will have fewer enemies to worry about, a bigger team accompanying you, and more time. Additionally, if you are having problems, be sure to turn on Party Assist mode in the Challenges tab of the Battle Royale lobby. This will allow your partners to complete the challenge with you, and still get credit for it.

All the locations of the celestial platforms in Fortnite

fortnite visit all celestial platforms 3

As the challenge indicates, we have to visit a total of seven celestial platforms. You cannot visit the same multiple times, but it is not necessary to go at seven in one instance.

Being everywhere, it is very likely that you land near a platform. However, you should not worry, since it is enough to travel from one to another once you have arrived. You can see the map we leave here to see the approximate locations on the island.

Some may be difficult to see once in place, such as the platform in the snow biome, when they are obstructed by obstacles. But we will give you all the details in addition to our recommended route.

Visit all the celestial platforms: Paradise Palms

fortnite visit all celestial platforms 4

This is the right place to start. The first celestial platform is located just north of Paradise Palms, in the desert. Its exact place is cell I7 on the grid map. Since it is positioned in the sky, our suggestion is that you try to fall here from the battle bus, although you can always arrive by sliding with the Slipstream.

Visit all the celestial platforms: Pressure Plant

fortnite visit all the heavenly platforms 5

The second place we recommend visiting is the new Pressure Plant. It is quite far from the previous location, but you can always jump on the platform and use the glider from there. This place can be found where the volcano is.

It is located just to the southeast side of Pressure Plant, in cell H4 of the grid map. If you do not arrive with the means mentioned, there is no problem. Go to one of the four slipstreams that lead there, go inside, and point the camera up. Once you reach the top, you should receive notification that it worked correctly.