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Curve, what it is and how it works

It is possible that we have heard the existence of many financial services that we can have through our mobile, Curve is one of the most recent and somewhat unknown in Spain. Not for being more unknown ceases to be interesting, so let's see what Curve is and how this service works.

The world of finance has evolved a lot hand in hand with that of technology, since We can make mobile payments through our smart watch, mobile and even have a checking account on the other side of the world without having to travel to that country.

Most users have several cards to which we give them a different use, one to make the purchase, add gas or drink something, another to make purchases online. In the end we find that we have multiple cards, and it is possible that each card belongs to a different bank.

Image - Curve, what it is and how it works

Curve is the attempt of the Unification of all our cards in just one. It is not a bank, but a physical card that can be several cards at once. Like Revolut or Bnext, it works through an app which is essential for the control and operation of the service.

As with Bnext or Revolut, once we have registered in Curve, the next step is Receive our physical Curve card. We can wait until it arrives or, on the contrary, add the different cards that we have to the app and thus not have to do it when we receive it.

In the Curve app we will add the different cards that we already have either debit or credit. When we have added them, since Curve's main advantage is precisely to be able to use multiple cards from the same app, we will not have the need to carry the card we are using physically.

How do I pay if I don't have the card physically?

Thanks to the Curve card, we select that card in the Curve app and the physical card that we receive in our house that does not have any cost has no credit, but what we do through it is that the charges be transferred to the other immediately.

Although from the Curve app we can choose the card with which we want to pay at all times, always we recommend having the Curve card and an additional In case the service fails. It does it from time to time in some places like tolls, in which more conflicts exist with prepaid cards, among others.

The app as a control center

Image - Curve, what it is and how it works

As we have said before, the app in Curve is essential but, regardless of which it is through which we add the different cards, we can visualize the different expenses we have made with each of them, a balance of expenses, block them if they have been stolen or even see the PIN.

Through the app, we can also send and receive money among other users who use the service. Curve, as in some fintech, has the possibility of enjoying some advantages in certain services such as insurance, loans, accounts

Advantages of Curve

Image - Curve, what it is and how it works

Throughout the article we have seen many of the advantages you have, but we see them in depth: