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Blockchain-based Upland arrives for buying and selling real estate


Upland is a new game of selling and buying virtual properties which is based on real locations and blockchain. In other words, you will be able to buy properties in New York itself or in one of the most famous avenues of a city like Los Angeles.

It must be said that, although Upland tries delete the line between the virtual and the real, everything will be the first, although we will have the experience of becoming a tycoon of the sale and purchase of properties. A game to keep in mind and that we are going to know; Even being in English.

Buy, sell and trade with properties


It must be said that Upland is not a game that helps you get the quick trick. First it is in English, it does not notify you that you have to make an account, and you will have to go to the settings to activate the tutorial. And without the tutorial you won't find out What is the pod with this game that has a good base to continue growing.

Our task will be to devote ourselves to the purchase and sale of properties. Yeah come on to be a shark of the economy and we will play with properties that could become citizens' homes, but here it is a virtual game with no intention other than this.

You will need the currency of the game to buy more properties. And when creating your account they will give you 3,000 coins with which you can acquire your first property. You will have an operator who is in charge of searching for free properties. Chosen one, the purchases and every 3 hours will begin to generate income.

Upland is a game that wants to eliminate borders between virtual and real


With that income that they will be generated we have to take care to keep our visa up to date. So we have a card that we have to renew every week so as not to lose the properties that we acquire. We will arrive at a time when we will have that property already for us and thus continue with the collections.

The collections are a group of properties that give us greater benefits, so they must be our next goal to complete to increase revenue. And of course, when we already have properties, we can trade with them as if it were the real world.

That said, we have all of San Francisco to be able to acquire properties, so if you have any corner of a city that you would like to have, you are already taking time with Upland to have it in property.

The world at your feet with the blockchain


Upland is a new Android game that we don't really find something like that. The base idea is very good and it all depends on the fact that in a short time players are added in order to trade with each other and there are struggles for some more demanded areas.