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Avin mode on Android 11 does not disable bluetooth if we are using it

E9 headphones

For a few years, we have at our disposal in any mobile terminal, regardless of its operating system, the airplane mode, a mode that is responsible for deactivating all the wireless connections of the device together, ideal for when we are going to catch a plane, hence its name.

Going by plane, even if it is a short journey, forces us to look for entertainment in order to face the duration of the flight. Most of us opt for music, music that today is consumed through wireless headphones but When setting airplane mode, we ran out of music.

But that could change with the launch of Android 11. As the XDA Developers guys have found out on the web that record the changes that are introduced in Android, the operation of airplane mode could change.

The main change would be that when activating the airplane mode, the bluetooth connection would continue to be in operation, as long as we have some devices connected at that time. Obviously this change is Oriented to users who consume music through wireless headphones but it would also apply if we have connected a smartwatch.

Most likely, this function is finally activated with Android 11, since It has been available on Apple iPhone for a couple of years. If we activate the airplane mode on the iPhone, the bluetooth connection will continue to be in operation, unless we disconnect it manually through the terminal configuration.

If the terminals of today continue to maintain the headphone jack, it is likely that this change was not necessary or a novelty, but the trend of the disappearance of the jack along with the proliferation of wireless headphones, forces to adapt to the new way of consumption of the users.