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Apple is sued by a cardilogo for an Apple Watch patent

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If Apple is proud of something, it is one of the contributions it is making to the health of the users of its equipment, as we already told you in this article. The fall detection system, the electrocardiograms on the wrist or the early detection of atrial fibrillations of the Apple Watch have saved the lives of many users already, but unfortunately Apple's good intention is not without controversy.


A professor and cardilogo of the New York University School of Medicine has sued the apple company for infringing according to a 2006 patent, which will have established the basis for the atrial fibrillation detection system available to the Apple Watch Series 4 onwards.

As the professor has indicated to the 9to5mac media that we echo, he will have tried to contact the Cupertino company in 2017 with information about the patent, but Apple will have refused to be worthy of the royalties corresponding to the use of this technology, we understand that by having it as the owner and not having been used without permission or concession from its original creator.

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The plaintiff claims in court that Apple cannot use its technology without permission and corresponding payment. At the moment there have been no statements by Apple regarding this incident. It will be a blow to a technology that Apple is very proud of and that differentiates its wearables from the rest of the market.

Health is one of the main pillars in which Apple is strongly supporting its devices, mainly with the Apple Watch. At the moment, as there are no declarations or trial in sight, we are waiting to know what this means to all those who use an Apple Watch capable of using these functions.