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7 tricks for the MIUI Calls app on Xiaomi

7 tricks for the MIUI Calls app on Xiaomi

The resistance that WhatsApp refuses to use for everything, even to speak through audio messages, can use the call application for much more than just talking. They can assign a keypad number to a special contact, so that the call is faster; they can place a contact widget so that, with a single click, you can start the call; They can even block numbers of commercial vendors that bother you during nap time. We are going to offer you a good trick of tricks for the MIUI Calls app on Xiaomi phones. These same (almost) sure options are available on your phone from another brand, you just have to do a little research on how to do it.

Put these tricks into practice for the Calls app in MIUI

Assign speed dial to your favorite contacts

Your mother, your girlfriend, your closest friend, your boss … we all have certain contacts on the agenda that we usually use call quite frequently. Wouldn't it be great if, by dialing only one number, we could make the complete call? Well, here we are going to teach you that, to assign a telephone keypad number to your favorite contacts.

Speed ??Dial

Open the Calls application and, on the numeric keypad, press and hold the number you want to assign to a contact. The 1 no, since it assigns it, automatically, to your company's voicemail. A window appears in which we can read ?Assign a speed dial number to this button? press that s. Now it only remains to look for the contact to which we want to assign the number chosen and ready. Now, when we want to call that contact, we just have to press and hold that number and the dialing will be done alone.

Block unwanted or SPAM numbers

You take a nap peacefully, you are in the middle of lunch and you have forgotten to put the mobile in ?Do not disturb?. Pickups, answer and is a seller of some mobile operator. You take a breath, tell him you're not interested and proceed to block number so that, at least since that time, they won't bother you again. How do I do it?

block number

In the call history, screen where the received and sent calls appear, you must press and hold the phone number you want to block. A window with different options appears. Click on 'To block'. In the screen that appears next, click on accept and that's it.

How to see our blocked list?

view blocked list

If we want to see the list of numbers that we have blocked to unlock some in particular, in the ?Calls? app you have an icon, at the bottom, of three stripes. Click it. You just entered the ?Call settings?. Search for ?Block list? and enter this section. Here you can see the ?Locked numbers? If you want to unlock any, keep pressing and, on the screen that appears, click on ?Delete?. In the ?Exceptions? section you can allow calls from certain phone numbers, prefixes and add contacts directly from your phonebook.

Place an automatic call widget

call widget

Do you want to place a practical widget so that, just by pressing it, you get in touch with that special person you call every day? Well, it's very simple. On the desktop screen, we will keep pressing in a free zone for a few seconds. In the options that appear, click on ?Widgets?. We search, in the list, ?Contacts and phone dialer? We press and hold the widget and place it on the screen we want. The contact page will open automatically. We choose the desired one and the widget will be placed alone. We can choose the specific action of the widget: that is, if we want that, when pressed, we see the contact file or make the call directly.

How to activate default call recording

call recording

Thanks to the MIUI layer we can have call recording natively. And, in addition, we can ask you to record all calls, without distinction. Do you want to try this function and you don't know how? It is very simple. Open the Calls application and enter, again, the three stripes icon that we have in the lower left of the screen. Next we will go to ?Call Recording?. We activate ?Record calls automatically' and ready. We can also ask you to notify us after a call has been recorded (when you hang up the phone) and we can even ask you to automatically record certain phone numbers.

Turn to silence the call

mute call xiaomi

There are times when they call you at the most inopportune moment and you have forgotten to put the phone in silence. For example, imagine that you are in a meeting and you have the mobile on the table. And it starts to sound in a rumble. You can configure your mobile so that, with a simple twist, stop ringing Instantly. This will be very comfortable because you stop making noise and avoid major evils.

To perform this simple gesture we just have to go back to the ?Call? application settings and enter entrar Incoming call settings ?. On the next screen press ?Turn to silence the callListo And voila, you just have to turn the phone to stop bothering you.

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