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3 Android things that iOS users envy (II)

AndroidImage goes Andro4all

A couple of days ago we were writing about a series of Android features that we needed in iOS 13. The article was so successful among our readers that we have no choice but to go for a second part. And here we are. We will continue with the list of functions, features and elements of Android that iPhone users will want for your operating system software.

And, let's face it, there are some Android things that Apple's iPhone simply can't do. Either because of Apple's so restricted and armored ecosystem, because of pure aesthetics or because Apple does not conceive such an operating system, there are some features that are exclusively available on Android.

In the previous chapter of this article, we were highlighting some Android functions such as your Google Assistant virtual assistant, application multitasking and default applications. Today we will focus on the customization of the user interface and the mechanics of use, with some other surprises.

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The Android features that every iPhone user would like to have

1. On Android you can customize your home screen in a thousand ways

Yes, it is true, Apple has been becoming more flexible every year with respect to the customization of the user interface of its mobile operating system. For example, with iPadOS 13 the company allowed users to decide optionally if they wanted to anchor the widgets on one side of the home screen. But this feature is not available in iOS 13. So there is a long way to go in this regard.

In Android things are more different, they are a little bit crazier, more … daring. Sometimes it gives the feeling that iOS developers are manic of order. But in Android you can place the icons of the applications exactly where you want, without following an order or a pattern. In addition the system is compatible with widgets of all shapes and all sizes imaginable, some widgets that can be inserted between applications.

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2.… They can even customize any aspect

In Android they have an element called “Launcher” that allows users to completely change the appearance of the user interface of their operating system and / or open a panel with a menu of shortcuts to specific applications and functions of the system. Android Launchers are personalization brought to perfection.

In fact, taking this premise to the climax of personalization compared to the iPhone, there is a launcher that changes the screen design inspired by iOS 13. Anyone know any application to change the design of iOS and look like Android? Well, maybe not everyone will want that (personally not) but it won't be bad to have the option, right?

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