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Xiaomi presents wireless keyboard and mouse game for 13 euros »ERdC

Xiaomi presents wireless keyboard and mouse game for 13 euros

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About a week ago, Xiaomi launched its game of wireless keyboard and mouse. These Chinese brand devices do not require a driver and are plug-and-play. It is a set of simple and economically accessible computer peripherals. These are devices that do their job, not including any extra or special addition.

The design of both the keyboard and the mouse are quite classic, simple and very professional. The devices are thin and light; these support 2.4GHz wireless connection; also allows energy saving technology and is responsible for satisfying the general needs of most users. This keyboard and mouse package is a perfect set of tools for a work office.

The keyboard has a total of 104 keys, which include complete sets of function keys and arrow keys. The keyboard is equipped with composite Fn keys, and the combined Fn + F1- ~ F12 keys. They support common functions of shortcut keys such as volume, media, silence and song cutting. In the upper right corner of the keyboard are four indicator lights; one of them shows the blockage of maysculas; another is responsible for referring to the number block; while the third shows the power indicator.

The characters recorded with laser on each of the keys are designed to last; Therefore they will wear us easily. The bottom of the keyboard has a natural tilt design of 6; This feature allows greater comfort for users, reducing fatigue in regards to longer writing sessions.

The simple and lightweight design shown by the keyboard is also adopted by the mouse; weighing this alone 60 grams. In terms of size, it is a regular sized mouse. The mouse has a comfortable grip and its design is ambidextrous so that both right and left handed can easily use it. The mouse is equipped with a 1000 DPI optical sensor, which is pretty good. It is powered by an AAA battery, and the receiver is stored on the bottom of the mouse.

It has been a week since this set of items is available for purchase; so you can get it for a medical price of 99 yuan, which are equivalent to $ 14. For any new information, we will be attentive to send it to you.


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