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With this shortcut you will translate websites on your iOS devices quickly

Siri shortcuts iOS 12 update

With the inclusion of Shortcuts A world of new possibilities opened before us. Automation came to iOS and users soon did their best to realize the full potential of this new tool.
Today we bring you a shortcut that we found most functional, it is about a shortcut that allows us to quickly translate the websites that we are consulting on our devices.

First of all, make sure you have the Shortcuts app installed on your device. If for a casual you deleted it thinking you wouldn't use it you can always go back to the App Store to download it again. You have it? Very well, we continue.

Creating the shortcut

The first thing we are going to have to do is create a shortcut that will facilitate this task. To do this we will follow these steps:

1 Open the “Shortcuts” app

Click in the lower right corner on “Galley”.

Shortcuts Gallery

2 We search for “Translate Article” and two options will appear.

We select the one that says “Translate an article to another language”.

Search Shortcuts

3 We add the shortcut.

In the pop-up screen that we will leave, click on “Add shortcut”.

Add shortcut

Once we have added the shortcut, it will appear in the "My shortcuts" section in the lower left corner of the app.

Configure and customize the shortcut

Now that we have added the shortcut to our collection we have to configure it at will. In case you have not noticed, the shortcut is set by default so that the translation resulting from its use is in English. If it is the language of your selection you can leave it as is and jump to the next point, but if it is not the case and for example you want me to translate you to Spanish you will have to follow these steps:

1 We go to the “My shortcuts” tab and look for the new shortcut we have added.

Once we have located it, click on the three dots that will appear in the upper right corner of the shortcut card. This will open the actions that are carried out when we use the shortcut.

Edit shortcut

2 On the new screen that will have opened we scroll down until we reach the penultimate action card.

We look for the last card and click where it says “English” to modify it to the language of our choice.

Change language shortcut

Once we have clicked on “English”, a drop-down will open in which we can select between several languages, we look for Spanish in our case and click on it. We will return to the shortcut action screen and see how it puts "English" now says "Spanish." With this changed now we simply have to turn right at “Ok” and we will return to “My Shortcuts”. We can close the app.

If at any time we need to translate a text into another language we can always come here again and select a new exit language for the shortcut.

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How to use the shortcut

If you have arrived here you should already have the shortcut installed and configured on your device. This shortcut allows to translate a text that we select in a web page that we are consulting to the language that we have configured. There are shortcuts that detect texts in case they are articles or other types of publications, and translate them automatically, but they are limited to the text that the shortcut detects. With this shortcut there is no limitation to translate any text we find on a website.

Now we are going to put this new skill into practice. To use the shortcut for the first time follow these steps:

1 Open Safari on your iOS or iPadOS device

We open Safari and look for a page of our choice in a language other than the one we have selected as a result of the translation of the shortcut.

2 Select the text you want to translate.

To do this, long press on an area of ​​the text to enter the selection mode and with the cursors that will appear, select the text in question.

3 Press the share button at the bottom center of the search engine screen.

Share button

When we click on this button a menu will open in which we will have to scroll to the lowest part, to find there the new action created that will be called “Translate Article” by default.

Action Translate article

Click on it and we will see how all the actions are executed until we obtain the resulting translation.

Shortcut translation result

This same action can be executed without having selected the specific text We want it translated, and we will get a translation of the entire website we are visiting, which may be another good option.

With these steps you have created an automatism in your device that once configured is as practical and easy to use. Do you have any shortcuts that you like very much? Share it with us below in the comments!

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