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This is without a doubt one of the worst "news" of iOS 13

iPhones 13 on iPhone

We have been with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 in the market for several months since they launched in September. Throughout these months Apple has released numerous updates that have corrected the initial problems that have arisen and both systems are already mature enough. Moreover, there are barely 4 or 5 months left for Apple to show its renewal, as is traditional Apple unveiling iOS and iPadOS 14 in the WWDC in June.

However, there is an iOS 13 design decision that does not convince us, and it seems to be a definitive decision. This novelty of the new versions makes the selection of text, especially on the iPhone, summarizes more difficult than in previous versions Apple's mobile software.

Accuracy when selecting text is lower in iOS 13

When the copy and paste function arrived on the iPhone in 2009, until then it was not available on the iPhone, Apple showed its concern about the difficulty in selecting text on a touch screen, since the finger will clearly hide what you were selecting. For that reason they devised an ingenious idea: they implemented a magnifying glass to enlarge that enlarged the text you were selecting, which was placed on your finger and moves when you slid to see what you were covering.

old iOS text selection

With iOS 7 this magnifying glass changed slightly, however it was a function that is still present to help us select text. Now with iOS 13 Apple has completely removed it and we no longer see what we are selecting. It is true that iOS 13 and, especially iPadOS 13, include new gestures to select text, however the removal of the small magnifying glass makes the experience difficult when we select “old-fashioned” text. This is something that Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac has shown in one of his videos, to which the images below correspond.

iOS text selection 13

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Is about a change that probably won't get rid, from now on we will no longer have a small magnifying glass to indicate when we select text on iOS, and on more than one occasion we will miss it.