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This is what you should do just turn on the mobile for the first time

This is what you should do just turn on the mobile for the first time 1

To those of us who like technology, few pleasures greater than the premiere of a new pot. And if it is a mobile, inseparable companion of our day, better than better. In this special we are going to recommend what you should (or, rather, you should, that we do not force anyone here) just release your new mobile phone.

Make a video of the unpacking

Yes, you read correctly, a video of the unpacking. An unboxing, come on. And why? Imagine asking for a mobile on Aliexpress. Or in any other store, but it is a Chinese with more reason. You open the package with all your illusion and, oh, surprise, the mobile has a broken screen. Or it doesn't come with a charger (make sure it includes it) or, for whatever reason, something doesn't add up. Even in the worst case, it comes full of stones or another model that is not the one you bought. Do you understand now why recording the unpacking of your mobile? If something strange happens with your order, you already have a test video in which you see, very clearly, that you are not responsible for their damage or absences.

Make sure you have Google credentials at hand


Yes, your mobile can work perfectly without having a Google account associated. Now, forget about having YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Photos, the contacts associated with the email account … this is like this: Google services make our lives much easier and if our phone is Android we will have no choice but to link our account Google.

Be careful to have activated double verification on your phone. When entering and entering the password, you will be asked for a code to make sure you are t. That code is sent to your phone or communicated to you through a call. Now, how are we going to receive a call or a message if we haven't started the phone yet? To do this it would be good if you had your account associated with another Android terminal (a second mobile or a tablet) or have a trusted phone number to send the code to. This will make sure you have no problem.

And with the battery what do I do, how do I act?

Look at the percentage of cargo it brings. Less than 25%? put it to load. More than 25% salo. As a general rule, and for a battery to last longer, it is better not to charge it more than 80% and lower it more than 25%. But, honestly, for a couple of years or three on average that we use the cell phone before we discard it, is it necessary that we are obsessed with the life of the battery? Salo, screen it and describe it when you feel like it. Even when it's the first time you're with the mobile. Enjoy and point.

Make sure you update the new versions of the operating system

android 10

A mobile updated to its latest version ensures it is protected. Most malware, both mobile and PC, takes advantage of security holes that have operating systems, holes that are covered with different updates. In addition, you will be providing everything that the brand has for your phone. Enter the system section of your phone and make sure

Download and install ‘Find my device’

Click on this link and download one of the best applications you can have on your pr device if it is lost or stolen. Thanks to this utility, we will be able to know where our mobile phone is (for that we must have had the GPS activated in the lost or stolen terminal), make it sound strong to locate it better or, directly, to block and erase its content remotely, if already You have given up. Here you have an extensive guide to configure this practical security tool.

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