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This is the IBM battery that uses seawater instead of Lithium

Lithium-ion batteries are the basis on which technology is cementing the future, but they are not the only alternative. The IBM company has just announced to create a battery created from materials extracted from seawater, which is safer for people, Environment friendly and store energy for longer.


It has been shown to exceed the performance of batteries currently used in terms of cost, charging time, power / energy density and energy efficiency, IBM said in a statement, about this new technology.

The battery proposed by IBM Research does not require cobalt or other heavy metals and will be recharged to 80% of its capacity in less than 5 minutes. They were developed by the departments of exploratory chemistry and materials science of IBM, and have the same infrastructure that is developing semiconductors and quantum computing within the company. The research team took advantage of the atomic force microscope to better understand the forces within the materials of the battery at the molecular and atomic level.

The disadvantages of lithium ion are well documented. Because batteries are prone to fires, airlines have all kinds of rules about the use and storage of smart phones and laptops on passenger flights. Lithium batteries discharge quickly and need to be recharged frequently, either on phones or in electric cars.

An important part of this discovery is its proposal to end the extraction of heavy metals necessary to manufacture lithium batteries, especially cobalt, which is harmful to the environment and dangerous for the people who handle them.

We still don't know when these new batteries can reach the market.

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