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They will arrive in 2020, but are they recommended?

5G smartphones will be, predictably, one of the trends that mark 2020. Having attended the first approaches to the matter by firms such as Xiaomi, Oppo or Samsung over the past months, the industry is preparing to give welcome to a huge number of terminals with this connectivity throughout this course.

Because the establishment of 5G, after many years of hearing about it, is a reality in the present more than ever before, and there is no better way to celebrate it, for the main market players, than with catalogs full of such devices, promising to raise Experience to a new level. It is made very clear by Yang Chaobin, the president of the Huawei division dedicated to this area: At the end of the year we will be seeing smartphones with the aforementioned connectivity for a price that is around 150 dollars.

Processors such as the Snapdragon 765 will favor the arrival of 5G to cheaper smartphones

With such prices it is logical to think that there are many users who want to make the leap to 5G prompted in the same amount for the exciting moment and for the aforementioned price reduction. It will no longer be necessary to make a remarkable extra investment so that one has a device capable of connecting to the fastest networks of the moment.

An intent that also comes from manufacturers like Qualcomm, the chipera Californian presented in December its Snapdragon 765 processor along with the 765G variant, which includes a 5G modem directly inside. Focused on the mid-range, it aims to be one of the most repeated among brands such as those mentioned to include the new connectivity label for its commercialization.

5G, recommended in 2020?

At the beginning of last year, after finishing the MWC 2019, in Hypertexutal We reviewed the status of a 5G that, finally, after many years having a special role in the Barcelona fair on mobile terminals, became a reality. I did not arrive free certain problems, and although some have been resolved as the inclusion of the aforementioned modems directly in the SoC, others remain equally valid.

One of the main ones is that referred to telecommunications companies. Many are in full development of their infrastructure to be able to support these networks, with some having already arrived in Spain with a trick, that is, since they are not dedicated exclusively to the new frequencies, but are coupled to the existing 4G, denominating as non-standalone and losing coverage and speed along the way.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + 5G

Photo: David Ortiz | Hypertext

The state of the infrastructure and the reduced cases of current use and exploitation prevent recommending a 5G smartphone for the mere fact of having this connectivity

Despite this premature state, with poor 5G coverage and poor connection in places where it is available, which result in consequences such as overheating of devices or higher battery consumption, smartphone manufacturers have lacked time to get in the car. We will see it, as mentioned, this year, with smartphones of all kinds and condition bidding to capture the attention of the respectable.

The reality, however, is that today it is not more advisable to buy a 5G smartphone than it was a few months ago; and that, with a high probability, the possibilities of exploitation at the end of 2020 will not be so high as to obtain from the new networks all the potential that they are destined to project in the future.

And even if it were, you can also discuss whether the benefits of 5G are necessarily succulent for the day to day of the common users to make the leap to a device that has this capacity and also to a company that offer network connection, in many cases. 5G connectivity enhance the experience in scenarios such as gaming in the cloud through platforms such as Google Stadia, which require higher speeds, but in current and grinding tasks one must walk a stopwatch in hand to realize that, indeed, it is connected to the latest technologies (that, or lend attention to the heat that refracts the back of its terminal).

Be that as it may, the next existence of smartphones with 5G connectivity at reduced prices is good news for users, who will have a greater offer to choose from at the moment they decide to make the leap. It should be taken into account, in any case, that the price to be paid may go beyond the amount reflected on its label.