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The UN prohibits its officers from using WhatsApp for official communication »ERdC

The UN prohibits its officers from using WhatsApp for official communication

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United Nations officials do not consider WhatsApp to be a secure communications platform since Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos were hacked. UN experts They accused Saudi Arabia of hacking the billionaire's smart phone. In an official statement on Thursday, a spokesman said:The UN does not consider WhatsApp as a safe mechanism".

WhatsApp and hacking attempt situations

The official also sealed the possible Participation of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, in the cyber attack to Bezos in 2018. According to the forensic evidence provided by Washington-based FTI Consulting, officials requested a joint investigation by the United States and other law enforcement. The report states that Bezos's iPhone was hacked with a malicious video file that was sent from one of the WhatsApp accounts of the Crown Prince.

When Reuters asked if the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, had contacted the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia or other heads of state through WhatsApp, Farhan Haq, a UN spokesman said: “All senior UN officials have been instructed to refrain from using WhatsApp for official communication, as it is not a secure means. So, I don't think the Secretary General uses it. Haq added that the official instructions not to use WhatsApp They occurred in June 2019.

The security level of the application

Company officials were questioned about it. During the interrogations they said their messenger provides industry leading security to its 1.5 billion user base. "Each private message is protected by end-to-end encryption to prevent WhatsApp or unwanted third-party sources from seeing the messages. Our encryption technology, developed together with Signal, remains the best to date and is highly appreciated by security experts “, Revealed Carl Woog, Communications Director of the service.

Security expert thinks about the service

Therefore, a ban directed specifically at WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Facebook, has left security experts incredulous. "WhatsApp takes security very seriously compared to other social media messaging platforms“Said Oded Vanunu, a researcher at Tel Aviv Checkpoint-based security consultancy, that it is regularly security breaches in popular messenger applications.

"Each application has vulnerabilities that can be exploited in some way“, Oded adds. It also mentions that WhatsApp offers Security patches regularly to fix gaps. "Most of the usual messenger platforms can only dream of the type of security measures adopted by WhatsApp", Be the.


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