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The night mode of the iPhone 11 Pro does not work on the telephoto, but is false

iPhone 11 Pro camera

If something called attention to the presentation of the new iPhone last September was its camera system and Night Mode. Apple uses computer photography and image stacking to achieve correctly exposed and sharp photographs in very complicated light situations with this system. To date we know that only the angular and telephoto lens had the capabilities to use this mode, and that the ultra wide angle does not have this technology.


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Well, this is not so since according to the latest findings that the PetaPixel team has made and published the telephoto target will also not be able to use night mode, and what the iPhone 11 Pro will be offering us will be an enlarged view of the image we will achieve with the angle.

For sample you just have to shoot in this mode

To verify this we simply have to go to the camera of our iPhone 11 Pro, go to a dark place and try to shoot a photo with the telephoto in night mode. Before shooting cover with a finger the objective corresponding to the telephoto (the one below the three if we hold the iPhone vertically) and we will see how the image we have on the iPhone screen does not disappear, which indicates that this photo is not shooting with that objective.

iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode 3

Source of the photographs: Amos Chapple

Another proof that corroborates this is that if we refer to exif data of a photograph taken with the iPhone 11 Pro with the telephoto and night mode, we will see how indicates that the aperture of the objective with which the capture was made is f1.8 which is the one corresponding to the angular and not of f2.0 which is the one that corresponds to the telephoto.

We rescale at 12 megapixels and voila

To prevent us from noticing the clipping on the photo taken with the angle iPhone automatically rescalls photos taken in this way so that in the eyes of the user we do not notice a difference in the final result. It is not a big problem but it is curious how Apple has taken full advantage of the hardware available to offer the most news and improvements to its photographic system this year.

Hopefully, the night mode available in the angle will end up extending to the rest of the cameras without a trap, especially the ultra wide angle, meanwhile What do you think of this trick? Is Apple's appliance enough or would you prefer a full night mode on the telephoto? Give us your opinion in the comments.