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The iPhone 12 will have a smaller and much more efficient screen

iPhone 12 Concept

2020 will be loaded with news, mainly led by the iPhone that we hope to see this year. The Korean website The Elec has indicated that at least some of the iPhone presented this year have 6 generation OLED technology, which will have the touch panel built into the screen of the new devices. This will allow to reduce manufacturing costs by replacing two layers with one with both technologies, while reducing the thickness used by the iPhone screen in the total structure of the terminal.

This statement happens a month and a half later that the Korean media ET News also declared that the top-of-the-range models of the next iPhone will feature panels with the circuit board in charge of the touch function integrated in the same OLED screen.

An OLED panel with integrated touch capability will lower costs and reduce screen thickness

Along with The Elec's statements of a 6-generation OLED display, The implementation of panels with LTPO technology has also been mentioned since mid-2020 by LG (main support of OLED panels together with Apple Samsung). This technology, which is already available for example on the Apple Watch Series 5 screens, is able to individually control the lighting of each pixel, and will improve as the energy efficiency of the new iPhone is speculated up to 15%.

If these leaks are true we will be talking about a smaller iPhone as far as cubic dimensions are concerned but that nevertheless will not be sacrificing its energy efficiency for it, one of the most common fears among users.

iPhone 2019

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We will have to wait to know what path Apple takes in this regard. This year I sacrificed the thickness of the iPhone 11 Pro in pursuit of a bigger battery and users are very satisfied with the result. It will be great to see that the new iPhone maintain the thickness of the current ones and implement this new technology, which on the one hand will use less energy resources and on the other will leave more space for a battery with more capacity. Do you prefer a thinner iPhone sacrificing battery life or on the contrary do you prefer to keep the current dimensions with and have a larger battery? We read you in the comments.