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The best televisions presented at CES 2020

The CES 2020, as in past editions, gave prominence to the smart screens, especially because they came with important advances, such as Samsung that practically eliminates the frames until LG is rolled up to disappear from the room. This list includes some of the best televisions presented at CES 2020.

selection of the editor of ces 2020

ces 2020

Close-up of the Samsung Q950TS 8K TV

When talking about screens without bezels, you have to watch this QLED TV with 8K resolution from the South Korean firm, whose display It occupies 99 percent, so users experience what Samsung calls the Infinity Screen effect, in which it seems that the frame disappears completely. In addition, its thickness is only 15 millimeters.

Inside, the team has improved scaling capabilities through its artificial intelligence, which means it uses machine learning to analyze and identify the characteristics of individual pixels; Over time, this translates into a quality 8K image, regardless of the source of the content.

In addition to a new backlight design, it also comes with Active Voice Amplifier, which adjusts the volume of the dialogues in response to the sounds of a blender or a vacuum cleaner, for example.

6-Series TCL display on display

In 2019, the TCL 6-Series stood out for its brilliant QLED screen, Roku OS, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, and attractive prices. In this sense, the update of this year is not due.

By 2020, televisions within 6-Series incorporate the mini-LED backlight technology, which increases the number of individual LEDs and local dimming areas compared to traditional backlit QLED displays. This change could give these teams, affordable to some extent, the type of black level performance that is generally seen on OLED TVs, which cost twice or more, depending on their size.

Philips prepares arrival in the US with competitive OLED CES 2020 TVWhile it is true that the Philips 804 Series was not an original release of CES 2020, since it has been available in Europe for a few months, it was known at the fair that it will be the first OLED TV of the firm in the United States.

In addition to its excellent OLED image, it integrates a feature called Ambilight: it reaches to illuminate the wall, according to the content it displays; Android TV (so it can be controlled with voice commands through Google Assistant); and compatibility with most HDR formats.

Its price is unknown, although the company with the Philips license in the United States says it is quite affordable.

Vizio screen in the living room

This is another company that is bringing its first OLED television to the United States, in versions of 55 and 65 inches, and if you are making this decision, it is safe to establish a new parameter in terms of cost. It is no secret that the price had kept OLEDs out of the homes of average consumers for a long time.

Because OLED panels come from the same supplier, LG Display, what makes a TV of this type different is its design, cost and image processing. In this sense, the opportunity presented to Vizio is to list their devices at a really distinctive price with respect to the competition.

Vizio P-Series Quantum X

User viewing the Vizio P series Quantum X screen

By 2020, the firm is updating its P-Series Quantum X with the latest home image engine, IQ Ultra CPU, and machine learning capabilities, mainly. In addition, the new 3D color engine and significantly improved image quality are also in its favor, especially when scaling 4K content.

This year, without a doubt, Quantum X becomes the master of HDR, being compatible with most formats, including HDR10, Dolby Vision and HDR10 +. It can also be purchased in an 85-inch format, as well as in other smaller models, all of which benefit from VRR and AMD FreeSync technology, to have an experience gaming from another level.

LG roll up screen

The firm demonstrates the incredible flexibility of its OLED technology; It goes to the limits of this feature to create products that have the ability to disappear when they are not being used, and that is already a breakthrough.

Of course, the Signature OLED TV R will not be cheap, since it can be listed in the $ 60,000 dollars. It will reach the market in the third or fourth quarter of 2020.

LG GX Gallery

LG GX Gallery screen on a wall

This is the direct competition of The Frame, from Samsung. GX Gallery (4K) screens offer all the benefits of OLED technology and also realize their full potential when used as artistic paintings. In addition, a special support allows them to be flush with the wall.

As for its other features, it is compatible with Nvidia G-SYN and AMD FreeSync, which means that gamers they can have a really fluid experience; voice commands; the Disney Plus and Apple TV platforms; and Dolby Vision IQ, which adjusts color parameters according to the lighting in the room.

Lists in sizes of 55, 65 and 75 inches, also include the Filmmaker mode, which eliminates the so-called soap opera effect with a single button on the remote control.

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