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The Apple Pencil can simulate writing on paper with small vibrations

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil has become an increasingly important accessory within the Apple catalog, now it is compatible with all the iPad sold by Apple. Also The original model has not been updated for years, and it would not surprise us that Apple launched another version with significant improvements.

On previous occasions we have already seen some patents on how the Apple Pencil could improve, and now the company has registered another one that we help to have a feeling when writing and drawing on the iPad very similar to the one we would have on a sheet of paper.

The hptic response is the key

Segn has discovered Apple InsiderApple has registered a patent that will use eptic feedback within Apple Pencil to simulate the sensation when drawing and writing on paper. Apple already uses this type of hptic response on other devices such as the iPhone, and the operation will be similar.

"A optical pencil can include a housing and a tip. A force detection system can detect the movement of the tip in relation to the housing when a force is applied to the tip. An optical feedback system can move the tip in relation to the housing, for example by inducing a magnetic field in magnetic elements connected to the tip and the housing. Hptic feedback can be used to represent texture sensations to simulate the drawing on a textured surface with the pencil".

Apple Pencil patent

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By providing eptic feedback only at the tip instead of along the body of the Apple Pencil, you can simulate more accurately the feel of a pencil or a pen on a textured surface like paper.

The Apple Pencil of first generation arrived in 2015 Together with the first iPad Pro, in 2018 Apple introduced a new generation compatible with the new iPad Pro, however the improvements focused mainly on the design and charging method, the technology is very similar in both models. It may be that the next generations of Apple Pencil may include technologies like this.