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The 5 best tablets for children you can buy

best tablets for kids of 2019

Technology reaches all ages, no matter how young or old the person is, surely having some device to communicate or entertain. Logically, children were not going to be the exception and if there is something they love, they are tablets. It's very simple, they have a large screen and various games can be installed No problem.

We will say what are the best tablets that you can buy right now for a child. They really are a great gift but you must make sure that it is sper resistant to any type of blow and that, in addition, you can run various games without dying in the attempt. You should also be careful with the age of your child, we do not recommend giving tablets to small children or, in case of doing so, you have to be careful and that its use is very controlled.

Sannuo, to have fun and educate

Sannuo Tablet "width =" 1200 "height =" 750

It is the ideal tablet for any child because incorporates an ultra resistant silicone case. So you can resist any type of blow, scratch or each. Logically, it also has everything you need to be an efficient tablet.

The tablet has Android 9and has parental control. In addition, it includes its own entertainment system known as "IWawa". This brings a set of educational games that focus on educating the child through stories, music and math.

In your womb, the tablet has a processor Quad core Of high speed, 2 GB of RAM Y 16 GB of storage. Enough for the child to install and run various applications and games without problems.

Moreover, the screen is 10.1 inch with a resolution HD. As regards the price, it is really accessible, you can buy it for just 85.

Tablet Chanbly, perfect for the little ones

Tablet Chanbly "width =" 1200 "height =" 650

If you want to give a tablet that can match the needs of a child of 2 to 6 years, so this is an excellent option. It is aimed at less experienced children and meets perfectly at the time of educate and have fun.

As expected, the system is Android 8.1 and has all parental control options enabled. In addition, it already incorporates several educational games so that the child plays and learns at the same time.

The tablet has enough power to install games and applications without headaches. Owns a quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM Y 16 GB of storage. Everything the little one needs.

It is a portable tablet, the screen is 7 inches with resolution HD. In addition, the entire body of the tablet is protected by a silicone case. The price of the tablet is fifty, sper accessible.

Dragon Touch, beautiful design and excellent power

Dragon Touch Tablet for kids "width =" 1200 "height =" 675

Is a extremely beautiful tablet, so it is perfect to give as a gift because you can look really good. The entire body of the tablet is coated with silicone, this is how to resist over time without suffering any damage.

The tablet has Android 9and parental control is 100% enabled so you can control the entire system. Also owns Kidoz APP preinstalled, so the child can enjoy games and educational triviality in a controlled way.

Dragon Touch is a powerful tablet, it has a processor Quad-core accompanied by 2 GB of RAM Y 16 GB of storage. Everything the child needs to install their favorite applications and play their favorite titles.

The screen is 7 inches with resolution HD, perfect for consuming multimedia content. The child can see all his cartoons comfortably. The price of the Dragon Touch tablet is 61.

HXY children's tablet, indestructible

HXY tablet "width =" 1200 "height =" 650

Giving away an electronic equipment to a child is not easy because he can treat his toys very badly. That is why the tablet is equipped with a protective case made of soft silicone high quality. As resist bumps, drops and dirt without problems.

The tablet incorporates the operating system Android 6and it comes with the Kidoz application preinstalled so that parental control is really effective. So the child can enter educational games and websites that are consistent with their age.

The power of the tablet is enough to run games and applications without any obstacles. It has a processor Quad-core accompanied by 1 GB of RAM Y 16 GB of storage, enough for any kid.

The screen is 7 inches with resolution HD, perfect for watching YouTube Kids or any other type of content. The price is quite cheap, just 63.

Yuntab, the perfect toy for children

Yuntab Tablet "width =" 1200 "height =" 680

It is a tablet that has a attractive design for all children, is made for the little ones and that is why it is really easy to handle, everything is at hand.

The tablet has Android 8.1 and the preinstalled educational application is iWawa. This aims to create a safe environment for the child where they can access games and educational videos.

As for power, the tablet has a processor Quad-core, 1 GB of RAM Y 16 GB of storage. You can install all applications and games without problems, be perfect for any child.

The screen is 7 inches with resolution HD, enough to consume any kind of multimedia content. The price of the tablet is 60.

Now you know what are the best tablets for children in the market, What are you going to buy?

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