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Take a picture of a mathematical operation and turn it out with Math Solver

Microsoft is leaving and now has launched a new app dedicated to the resolution of mathematical expressions, such as the most basic to the most complex. An app to be taken into account by anyone who needs a study tool for their days at school, institute or university.

Not only because of the ability he gives us to take pictures and solve mathematical expressions, but because we can also use our finger to draw algebra operations and Math Solver identify them to solve them. That is, that puts before us some important tools that years ago would seem like the future.

Artificial intelligence at hand


Microsoft Math Solver allows us to solve algebra operations of all kinds of complexity. We talk about arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculations, statistics and other topics related to numbers. And all this will be solved by artificial intelligence and that is one of its most important references when moving with this new Microsoft app.

A Microsoft, by the way, that is giving everything. And if days ago we talked about that design language to take it to numerous apps, now we have an app to solve mathematical problems with artificial intelligence and that image recognition that works very well.

Just take and test when drawing a sum simple as 1 + 1 and wait for artificial intelligence to recognize the operation. You hit the process button, and the solution will appear at the sum you have drawn. If you do not want to use your finger, or simply the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 10 (and here you can see some of its greatest advantages), you have the camera to take a picture of the operation and Math Solver solve it quickly.

In beta, but very functional and in Spanish

Math solver

Math Solver is a app that is in beta and that you may not be able to download because the quota of betas is covered. If so, do not delay installing the APK that we will put at the end of the article.

Apart from all that has been said, another of Math Solver's virtues is its ability to show all the steps taken in solving mathematical expressions. That is, if the operation is complex, it will show you all the steps you have taken so that you learn well how to replicate that problem resolution. We do not want to give more clues, but it is a very good app for learning and that not only gives us the resolution.

Also allows us search the web for similar problems and some videos in which we are shown videos similar to the problem of algebra or arithmetic that we have. That is, it is a very complete app in which Microsoft has not left anything in the inkwell.

All the problems it solves

Math solver

This is the complete list of problems which resolves:

  • Elementary: arithmetic, real, complex numbers, LCM, GCD; factors, roman numerals
  • Pre-algebra: radicals and exponents, fractions, matrices, determinants
  • Algebra: quadratic equations, systems of equations, inequalities, rational expressions, linear, quadratic and exponential graphs
  • Text problems in mathematical concepts, number theory, probabilities, volume, surface area
  • Basic calculation: integrals, derivatives, limits
  • Statistics

So Math Solver takes us to an excellent experience and it becomes a great tool for many users. Although it is very clear that all types of students will be the first to take advantage of the virtues and goodness of taking the camera and solving problems, or taking the S Pen and drawing on screen what these operations are.