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Solution to Xiaomi does not connect to the Smart TV with MIUI 11 and Broadcast

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MIUI 11 has brought numerous novelties to Xiaomi phones. But all that glitters is not gold. One of the most useful functions that were released with MIUI 10 was the possibility of connecting the telephone to an external television through Screencast or Screen Mirror technology. Unfortunately this feature has stopped working on a large number of brand phones, regardless of the range or the specific model. At the moment, the error persists in the last version of MIUI 11. Fortunately, there is a solution that allows us to connect any Xiaomi to the TV.

The steps we will discover below are compatible with any Xiaomi mobile phone with MIUI 10 and MIUI 11. Xiaomi Mi A1, A2, A3, A2 Lite, Redmi Note 4, Note 5, Note 6 Pro, Note 7, Note 8, Mi 8, Mi 9, Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro, Redmi 5, Redmi 6, Redmi 7 and a long etctera. In any chaos, is not responsible for any of the damages that may be caused to the phone.

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Activate the My Share feature in MIUI 11Download the Activity Launcher applicationUse the Google Home applicationUpdate MIUI to the latest versionInstall an earlier version of MIUI

Activate the Mi Share function and Bluetooth in MIUI 11

Some users have stated that the problem in question is solved through the activation of My Share, the new MIUI 11 function that allows us to share files with other brand phones instantly.

My Xiaomi mobile does not connect to the Smart TV with MIUI 11: know the solution 1

Activating this option is as simple as going to Settings and then Connecting and sharing. Then we will leave to the My Share section and we will activate the homnimate function. Since this function uses Bluetooth to function, we will have to activate the mentioned connection through the corresponding option in the Quick Settings menu.

Now we just have to go to the Broadcast section to proceed with the connection to the TV.

Download the Activity Launcher application

Another solution that several of the affected people have provided consists of turn to Activity Launcher, an application that allows us to operate hidden MIUI services independently without the need to use root or an advanced file browser.

Once we have downloaded it, we will execute it on the phone and enter the following text in the search box:

  • Wireless display (or Wireless display in Spanish)

The last step is to click on the result that the application throws at us and activate the homnimo option.

Automatically the phone start scanning all smart TVs connected to the WiFi network. If we want to create a shortcut to this hidden application we will have to press and hold the application process in Activity Launcher and select the option Create a shortcut.

Use the Google Home application

If our TV is compatible with Google Assistant or we have a Google Chromecast device, we can always use Google Home to connect the phone to the TV in the applications compatible with the latter. YouTube, Netflix …

The configuration process after installing the application is really simple: enough with create a new house and add the corresponding device through the WiFi network, as we can see in the screenshot below.

My Xiaomi mobile does not connect to the Smart TV with MIUI 11: know solution 2

To duplicate the image on the Smart TV we will have to click on the corresponding button in each of the applications as if it were a Google Chromecast device.

Update MIUI to the latest version

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Xiaomi has not yet solved the error in question through a software update. Therefore, the most advisable to solve the error is update the phone to the latest version when the company launches a new package to solve the fault.

If there is no more recent version, we can use a Chinese or Indian ROM, although it is not the most recommended (nor the simplest). We can also use a modified ROM.

Install an earlier version of MIUI

Until Xiaomi does not publish a new version of MIUI that solves the problem does not touch with a functional version of MIUI 10 to operate the Emit on screen function. To return to an earlier version, however, we will have to resort to the Downmi application, which allows us to download the official versions of MIUI for any Xiaomi model.

Before proceeding it is necessary to clarify that in some phones we will have to open the bootloader and turn to Mi Flash to downgrade MIUI 10. We recommend using the MIUI forums to consult compatible models.

Once we have downloaded the application in question we will select our phone model in the corresponding field and Global stable in ROM Type. We will have to make sure the numbering starts with 10.0.x.xx.xx to download a full version of MIUI 10.

<img class = "alignnone size-full ls-is-cached lazyloaded ewww_webp_lazy_load” title=”My Xiaomi mobile does not update to MIUI 11: so you can install it manually 2″ alt=”My Xiaomi mobile does not update to MIUI 11: so you can install it manually 1″ width=”800″ height=”876″ src=”” src-webp=””/>

To update the phone manually we will have to go to the My device section in Settings; specificallyup to System Updater.

Finally, we will click on the three options points and then the option Select update package. In the folderdownloaded_rom We can find the ROM that we just downloaded. If the previous option does not appear we will have to press seven times on the MIUI 10 logo to activate the function Select update package.

<img class = "alignnone size-full lazyloaded ewww_webp_lazy_load” title=”My Xiaomi mobile does not update to MIUI 11: so you can install it manually 3″ alt=”My Xiaomi mobile does not update to MIUI 11: so you can install it manually 2″ width=”800″ height=”876″ src=”” src-webp=””/>

Now we will only have to accept the terms of use and wait for the ROM in question to be installed. The installation is likely to erase all files hosted in memory. Therefore, from we recommend backing up data and applications.

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