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record with the AirPods and the Apple Watch as great successes

Apple on Tuesday presented the quarterly results corresponding to the company's first fiscal quarter of 2020. Grouping the months of October, November and December of the previous year, this is the most interesting period in business volume for the Cupertino firm, as it is where the main sales of the new hardware products that the company launches to the market are grouped in the final stretch of the year, in addition to encompassing the Christmas campaign.

So much so, that the company has managed to mark in this period a absolute record in its income, reaching 91.819 million dollars. A figure that compares against the $ 84,310 million last year and is broken down as follows in the different categories of the firm:

  • iPhone: 55,957 million dollars.
  • Mac: 7.160 million dollars.
  • iPad: 5.977 million dollars.
  • Wearables, home and accessories: 10,010 million dollars.
  • Services: 12,715 million dollars.

This year, in addition, they were especially interesting if you consider that those who saw the light twelve months ago showed a clear decrease, for many different reasons, in the revenues that technology managed to generate with the iPhone, their favorite product. Thus, those of now looked at each other with expectation in order to see if the sales of this segment manage to resume the flight to a certain extent or allow to start talking about a trend.

And so it has been, managing to raise the figures of the previous year (51,982 million dollars). A fact that, according to the company's own CEO, Tim Cook, has been driven "by the strong demand of our iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models." It is especially significant that this has occurred without the support of the Chinese territory, one of the noted as the big culprits of the income in Q1 2019. In the region, the volume entered has remained almost static from one year to another (13,578 vs. 13,169 million dollars).

The maturity of the 'wearables'

One of the most prominent sections of the results of Apple's Q1 2020 has been the division of wearables of the firm, which includes products such as Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod or Beats headphones. With a remarkable year-on-year growth, everything points to a great performance in terms of sales by the first two.

The success of the AirPods is, at this point, indisputable both for the company itself and for the rest of the industry, which has been forced to try to reach a trend that the Californian firm began in 2016 and, precisely in 2019, amplified with the launch of an update of the original model, a case that allowed its wireless charging and, at the end of the year, AirPods Pro focused on the ms segment premium.

With regard to the Apple Watch, the renovation that took place in September was not one of the most notable that the accessory has suffered, but only enough to maintain the leadership that Apple also holds in this segment. It will also serve to lower the Apple Watch Series 3 and leave it as an excellent entry option. All this has allowed the division that all of them make up for the first time in revenue to that of Mac.

Apple TV +, a year to gain potential

The services division, which includes Apple Music, AppleCare, Apple News +, Apple Arcade and Apple TV +, is one that has been guaranteed to grow quarter by quarter since its launch, in large part due to the firm's effort to generate value with them.

It is expected that The company's new streaming platform is one of the main sources of revenue for it and, although it is already being generated in a certain volume, it is something that can be noticed with special push starting at the end of this year. Be then when the promotional period that Apple has been offering to the buyers of one of its new devices, offering twelve free months of TV +.

The expectations that Apple manages today in relation to its services are still better than they were in Q3 2019. The company then aimed to reach 500 million subscribers on its platforms by the end of 2020, now increasing it to 600 million users.

In addition, during the call after the presentation of results, Cook has revealed that the Apple's total base of active devices It has increased in all geographic segments in which they operate, reaching 1,500 million terminals.