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Nintendo Switch launches new kit for virtual reality

The Nintendo Switch does not provide any kind of solution in its hardware to be able to access the advantages of virtual reality but that is about to change.

Through its additional kits called Nintendo Labo, the fans of this console will now have access to the world of virtual reality.

These types of kits are made primarily for children and stimulate their imagination. In theory they are a bit similar to Google Cardboard, virtual reality lenses made in cardboard. However, in the case of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, there are two options. A basic, with a cost of $ 40 dollars, which includes the lenses and one of the designs available, more precisely that of a rifle. The second option costs $ 80 dollars and includes the lenses, and five different designs. It is worth clarifying that if you buy the basic kit and want to expand your designs later, you can also do it.

Once the kit is armed, whoever has a Nintendo Switch will be able to insert the device in the back and can see virtual reality content. Also, depending on the design, the controls can be located in different places to enable different commands.

In a press release, the president of Nintendo in America indicated that they wanted to design an experience that would stimulate interaction between the virtual world and the real world through Toy-Con creations.

These kits are a different way of interacting with the console, which does not imply the use of controls alone, adding new components that are assembled by the user. The materials are always in cardboard, which guarantees that the price will never be very high. They are not the only kits that the company has launched.

The Switch kits for virtual reality will be available from April 12.

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